Don't Slap Me, Cause I'm Not In The Mood

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Things you should know about this video of 80's goodness:
  • The track is called, "Meeting In The Ladies Room" from all-girl band Klymaxx's 1984 hit album of the same name. It reached #4 on the R&B charts.
  • They don't make girl bands like Klymaxx anymore...hell they don't have many female bands period
  • Lead "raptress" and drummer, Bernadette Cooper (the one with the bangs in her face) is the fiercest force of nature you'll ever come in contact with in your life
  • Poplocking is prevalent throughout this vid...
  • The best line from the song is: "Don't slap me, cause I'm not in the mood"
  • There is a silver wig worn by lead singer, Lorena "Lungs" Porter and it's made of all kinds of win
  • Women (and very secure men) do actually hold meetings in the ladies room...we just don't have a musical back-track like this one to let you men know that we are indeed getting business done
  • All this poplocking has nothing to do with meeting in a ladies room...absolutely nothing
  • Vivica A. Fox is in this joke, she's in the red jacket at the 2:36 mark
This meeting is adjourned....


  1. I love that wig! I mean seriously who wears anything like that anymore?

  2. IKR!! I need to find one, buy it and wear it to class to freak people out, LOL

  3. I had to listen to this album. It's crazy, you're right. They don't make music like this anymore.

  4. The pop locker in the chair truly does look like John Leguizamo. Is that him?


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