Freebie Adventures: Don'tcha Know 'Rare Gems' Are A Janet Junkie's Best Friend?

Monday, March 30, 2009

What way better than to kick off your week with a little Miss Jackson...well, that's only if you're nasty! Okay...I will stop with all the puns, but you knew it was coming...Looking for Janet Jackson rares and b-sides is almost like diggin' around for gold, as it took me a couple of years to gather a pretty hefty collection of those 'diamonds' in the rough. What came of my constant hunt was this compilation that you see before you. The tracks span Janet's career from Dream Street to Damita Jo and they are all great listens. Might I suggest the better than original "Diamonds" remix, the spunky "Pops Up" and the hard as nails, "You Need Me" to kick start you off? Fun shall be had with this...and remember this link will only be up for a limited time, so get it while it's blazin'!

1. Diamonds (Cool Summer Mix Edit)(ft. Herb Alpert)
2. Pops Up
3. Put Your Hands On Me
4. Accept Me
5. Start Anew
6. Skin Game
7. 70’s Love Groove
8. And On and On
9. French Blue
10. God’s Stepchild
11. Weekend
12. One More Chance
13. Rock & Roll
14. You Need Me
15. Could This Be Love
16. The Best Things In Life Are Free (K Klass 7”) (ft. Luther Vandross)
17. Whoops Now
18. Can’t Be Stopped


  1. Thanks, hun! I'm DLing now for perusal later. :

  2. thanks! have u heard the recent demo that leaked called "secret"? check for it if u haven't...its hot


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