Oh So Classy...But Kleenex Is Necessary

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can you guess what video this is?...

...okay, it's the video for Jazmine Sullivan's single "In Love With Another Man", as the screen cap blares so obviously. If you weren't entirely impressed with the Philly songstress's recent output, this song might just change your mind as it's truly a captivating composition. Emotions will ensue from this black n' white mini-movie where one woman has to decide between two men (oh, poor her...) but I guess if you've been in this debacle, it's quite a tear-jerker and one that has you in knots. But in all honesty, if you can't decide, just make a pros and cons list and if he doesn't clean his socks...RUN!
Still this video, directed by Matthew Cherry, is entertaining and even though Jazmine is minimally featured throughout the vid, it's her voice and the track that make this vid a diamond piece.

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  1. Besides from resentment this was another one of the first songs that I heard from Jasmine Sullivan. There is really no words to discribe this woman's vocal ability. I mean seriously is there anythin out there that she can not sing? She is wonderful and it makes me sad that she isn't getting the real respect that she deserves. Back in the day aka the 90s (good lord I'm old as hell.) her album would have went triple platinum and then some. She is truely a rare talent and I think music (not just r&b) is slowly starting to wake up and notice that their are alot of fakes out there. This video proves that Jasmine Sullivan is not.


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