Quote Me Baby!: Stevie On The 'Edge' Of Internet Hate

Monday, March 16, 2009

"The Internet has destroyed it. I miss buying an album and lying on the
floor for three days and going over it with a magnifying glass"
---Stevie Nicks on the current status of the recording industry, as told to Rolling Stone.

I see her point...but I feel this here blog is my personal "magnifying glass".

1 comment:

  1. Stevie is badass. And she's right, I remember back in '79 or so being a shortie and pouring over a record or cassette, reading the little book, hoping the lyrics were included, gathering around w/ friends, making dubs for your homies. etc.

    Now its just torrent/share/play/erase...in a matter of days.

    How can it not be with Rhianna, and Gucci Mane in the Mix?


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