Reheating Leftovers: Pinch Me....I'm Not Wearing Green Today

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Drink up!

*Hold On (Funky Divas Are Back): This is a leftover that resided in the musical fridge for too long...but what the heck, En Vogue are BACK! Or so Jet magazine is proclaiming as the original fierce foursome (yes, Dawn is there!) grace the cover of their latest issue. To my knowledge, the group has been back at it for awhile, as they have been performing at various venues and events (my BFF Guyna saw them at a Black Enterprises convention, and she admitted she screamed louder than anyone there). Possibly the 'funky divas' are prepping for a new album which has been long over due. Here's hoping that they can still throw it down like they did on that episode of A Different World. Now here's to paging Jade, After 7 and SWV to travel down that comeback trail...just sayin'.

*Product Placement Never Sounded So Edgy: How many hipsters can you cram into one song? Try five. Coca-Cola, everyone's favorite carbonated beverage, is launching a new campaign and it involves some familiar faces. Gym Class Heroes', Travis McCoy, Panic at the Disco's Brendon Urie, Gnarls Barkley's Cee-L0, Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump and Janelle Monae are all featured on the campaign's theme song, "Open Happiness". The track, which you can hear on the campaign's MySpace, was written by Butch Walker and Cee-Lo, and produced by Powlow Da Don and it is quite a perky guitar driven track. At times a track with too many vocalists seems crammed and a little pretentious, but this one isn't, actually I quite enjoyed it. The song is to be released on iTunes and a music video will debut sometime in May, just in time for you to get into your happy zone!

*She's A Record Label Eater: Wonder what Nelly Furtado's been doing since her 'maneating' and 'promiscuous' days? She's been a busy bee behind the scenes as she has just recently launched a independent record label. You have read correctly, Miss Furtado has created NelStar and she already has her first act signed...two former back-up dancers who call themselves Fritz Helder and The Phantoms. Interesting. While Nelly keeps assuring us that that she's not going to be totally involved in how the band's sound will be a la Diddy and Timbaland, but she still will be overseeing things. Nice...but when is your new album coming out Nelly?...I'm so inconsiderate of singer's other passions....


  1. Ditto on the waiting for new album fronts by En Vogue and Nelly (and SWV!!!). I've heard about the reunion for a month or so...I know they are coming to NYC the first week of May -- which is of course when I plan on returning home to prep for graduation. Grrrr. I would kill to see the group that basically created my interest in the music business would be killer. ::sigh::

  2. Yes yes.. Fritz are an electro band from Toronto who were her tour backup dancers! She's been a great supporter of them from the get-go. Hope it goes well!

    Re: En Vogue. For real? I don't know....


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