Sia Becomes Christina's Personal Cheering Section

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This Audio Diva has a lot of love for Australian vocalist, Sia. Want a reason? Just listen to albums Colour The Small One and the recent Some People Have Real Problems, and you'll see why I get a little giddy over a mention of this trip-pop artist. Sia has been recently working in the studio with the divine Miss Christina Aguilera on her as-yet-untitled fourth album (which is rumored to drop sometime this year). Just recently, Sia blogged about her collaborations with the singing diva and how the two of them have already completed four songs and are Scrabble competitors. Here's are a few excerpts from the blog entry (ignore the capitalization and punctuation problems Sia obviously has...LOL):

"....When i heard 'beautiful' in david's car for the first
time, i remember thinking, this is the best song i can remember hearing maybe
ever, who is it? it didn't surprise me at all when he said 'christina
aguilera', but it does surprise me that just a few years later, i find myself
collaborating with the voice that brought that song to life. i love her. she's a
nice person. a good person. an awesome mama. an incredible talent. incredibly
professional. a feminist. a rad role model for women who want to believe we can
have it all, do it all. and we share the same birthday which means, according to
the playground rules i like to live by, xtina and i are in grade 1 at school, and
she is my new best friend."
Awww...that's really sweet that she said those things. And is anyone else glad that Christina is working with someone besides Timbaland or The Neptunes, as that always seem to be the go-to producers for an "edgy" sound? Can't wait for this new Christina effort, with Ladytron and Goldfrapp rumored to be on board as well, this is shaping up to be a quite fabtastic direction for the R&B/Pop vocalist.

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