Take 5 Friday: In Like A Lion...Never Out Like A Lamb

Friday, March 6, 2009

New adventure, yay! Think of it as Oprah's Favorite Things but less vain, more affordable and all Audio Diva! So freak out like a middle-aged housewife who gets a free Whirlpool washer because here are 5 Things that rocked my face this week in music.

1. Let Fall Out Boy Die Of Dysentery on the "Oregon Trail": If you were a kiddo of the 80's and 90's with Apple Macs at your school...the mere mention of Oregon Trail, recalls memories of a computer game, and not the actual historical occurrence. This game was probably one of the main reasons I went to school. Seriously, at my elementary people fought to get on the computers in the library to play this and Kid Pix. Punk-Pop band, Fall Out Boy have designed their own version of the prehistoric computer game and surprisingly it's just as fun as the original. Vitamin Water and Chicken McNuggets are the survival foods of choice, while laser guns are used to hunt flying sheep (get it?). You also get to play "gigs" (Dance Dance Revolution/Tap Tap Revenge-esque) in between traveling the trail with the band. I'm really loving this revisit from my past, even though I've made Pete Wentz and Co. die of starvation, multiple times, but hey it's fun...check it out here if you wanna ride the trail. Oh, and as a double treat, found this site called Virtual Apple 4.0 that let's you play the original Orgeon Trail on your computer...the Internet never fails to amaze me.

2. Blitzin' It Up: Shame on me. It escaped my mind to do a post about The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and all that material from their upcoming album, It's Blitz that weaseled it's way on the World Wide Web these past couple of weeks. On the catch up circuit...let me just say that I think I've found my favorite song of 2009 so far and it resides in the dance swirl of "Heads Will Roll". While this is a stark departure for Karen O. and the Yeah Boys still it all fits...and it gets better with other leaked tracks like the cracklin' "Soft Shock" and the first single, "Zero". In other fab Yeah^3 news, It's Blitz's release date has been bumped up to this coming Tuesday, due to the positive response that the album received upon it's early leakage.

3. Kid Creole and the Coconuts: An oldie but a goodie and oh-so obscure. There shall be many more Kid Creole and the Coconuts themed posts in the near 'Adventures' future, as I find their brand of tropical swing meets funk style quite intriguing not to mention that their sense of humor is right up my alley. Kid Creole have been on my ever evolving "artists I need to listen to now" list since I heard their 1985 track, "Endicott" on some random Internet radio station a few years ago. Well, I can finally check them off that list. At the present time, their 1982 album, Tropical Gangsters is on heavy rotation with, "Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy" being the top song of choice. The song features possibly the best put down line ever in a song: "If I was in your blood then you wouldn't be so ugly". Snaps.

4. Upright Bass Never Sounded So Sexy: Neo-Soul/Jazz artist Esperanza Spalding (who has become my new favorite person) covers Stevie Wonder's "Overjoyed" during a special tribute concert to Mr. "Superstition" himself. The event was thrown by President Barack Obama this past weekend. Just simply divine.

5. Get A Masters In The Beatles: Maybe I should switch majors...journalism is overrated anyways. Just joking....A university in Liverpool is making it possible for you to have a degree in all things Paul, John, George and Ringo. Serious...this is like a Beatles's fanatic (paging BFF's Brittany and Lindsay) dream come true as you learn the dynamics of Beatles songs and their career in four 12-week courses. Don't think that the reading will be light...as the Beatles have had over 8,000 books published about them. Yikes! Still it'd be all kinds of awesome just to tell people that you have a Master's in The Beatles and actually have a diploma to prove it.


  1. mamas babys papas baby

    are there any songs any more?

    adore your blog tho i dont comment and of course seeing asa here is confirmation of ur taste

    good job!

  2. Oh, the Yeah(2x)Yeahs. I only got into them recently. Definitely looking forward to anything you have to say about them. And I wanted to let you know -- I gave you a Dardos Award for blogging. Check my blog for the deets. :)

  3. Thanks Pam :) Comment away! I encourage commenting so I know that I'm not just talking to myself...lol

    Mel, yeah, I got into the Yeah's last year thanks to one of my friends, you gotta hear "Maps" if you haven't...it's magic! And I checked your blog and thank you so much for the award! I will post it this week...check this week's Take 5 Friday :)

  4. The Beatles degree! I had this on my facebook status last week. Man, I'd love to go to school there...dream come true INDEED!

  5. Also nice Yeah Yeah Yeahs shout out. "Maps" really is magical! Love the music video for it too, when she pulls a Sinead O'Connor and tears start rolling down her face...amazing!


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