Take 5 Friday: That's How I Roll...

Friday, March 13, 2009

1. CORN NUTS!: These days it seems that ANYTHING can be turned into a musical...case in point, it was announced that there is indeed a musical in the works based on the 1989 cult classic, Heathers. Wha What?!? All the production staff is intact, including the masterminds behind such musicals like Reefer Madness and Legally Blonde...so this should be good right? Hmm...For those unfamiliar, Heathers, the movie (which starred Winona Ryder and Christian Slater), is a film that was the precursor for bitchy girl cliques screen gems like 2004's Mean Girls. I highly recommend it if you live in a sarcastic bubble and don't mind laughing in the face of unfortunate circumstances...well, to those who actually deserve to be punished. Personally, I have a hard time seeing how they are going to turn the infamous blue drain cleaner poisoning scene into some funky dance number. On the other hand, having songs incorporating favorite quotes from the flick, ("I love my dead gay son" and "fuck me gently with a chain saw" being obvious choices) might warrant a listen or two. Let's just hope that that they keep the rawness of the flick and not make this some sugar coated High School Musical carcass...Well, lick it up baby!

2. You Like Me, You Really Like Me: Blog pal Mel, from the glorious blog Melismatic, has given me an award (see pic at left) for blog excellence, yay! So many thanks to Mel, and since I have received the award, I have to spread the wealth to five other bloggers and their blogs on their blog fabolousness. So I have chosen *drumroll*...MuuMuse, Pop Trash Addicts, Sexy Never Left, Cignas Sights and Views and Fabtastic! Music for all of their blog goodness and the talented bloggers behind them! So to all the bloggers that I gave awards to, pick your five fave blogs, let them know you chose them in their comments and then post the award on your blog. Spread the love!

3. When My Mom Met Lady GaGa: Okay...she didn't meet her, but when La GaGa was on The View this past Tuesday (channelling a Judy Jetson look...and STILL wearing no pants), my lovely momma got to witness the glorious nature that is the new pop star, as she is a religious View watcher. To note, my mom knows what a music whore I am, so she always tells me of music goings on (she's pretty good, she knows who Kanye West is) and of course she told me about her "meeting" with Lady GaGa. She had this to say to me over the phone, and I quote: "Her name is Lady something...she needs to ditch that wig, and that outfit makes her look like a snowman...but she sang pretty well." Gotta love my mom! Still I'm kind of embarrassed my mom heard that condom comment...

4. My Opinion Matters...According To Little Jackie!: This is what happens when you Google yourself at 2:00 am in the morning.... You get freaked the freaked out that R&B duo, Little Jackie knows you exist...blissful insanity!

5. Poplockin' Into Spring Break: I admit. I wish I could spin like a friggin' dreidel on a flatten cardboard box in some sweats and Addias sneaks. But since I can't recreate that kind of dance magic, I live vicariously through breakdancing movies...like 1984's Breakin'. But maybe since I do have a week off, I'll try to bust a move in my living room, with this song playing in the background...you know, to keep me motivated. You'll be seeing this song again...but in the meantime, witness the poplocking spectacles in the vid for the Breakin' theme song, "There's No Stopping Us". Fun is to be had.


  1. hahaha your mom is hilar! love it :')

    congrats on the well-deserved award!

  2. Awww....Thank you very muchly!

    So - I just have to pick 5 blogs and pass the award on?

  3. And of course - Congratulations!!!!

  4. Hey Jen,

    Thanks for the props! If only my blog was half as glamorous as yours.

    As for your other points, my mum saw the Poker Face video on tv and mistook Lady Gaga for a transvestite... which I guess is an easy mistake to make. She loves the song though.

    I adore Heathers so the idea of turning it into a musical is interesting. Fingers crossed they don't mess it up!

  5. Everybody need a little jackie in there lives.

  6. Will, thanks hun! And yeah, my mom always knows the right thing to say :)

    Aaron, you're welcome! Yeah, you're supposed pass it on but you don't have to

    Oh hush, Mike! LOL Your blog is glamorous, I saw that Olivia Newton-John "Twist Of Fate" post, now that is some fierce glam right there! LOL at your mom, she did look a little gender confused in that vid so I see how that happened, and I'm glad to see a fan of 'Heathers' it takes a certain type of person to like it cause alot of my friends hate it, but I love it, they have some great one-liners

    Miss V, that is so true, Little Jackie are pure fun!


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