Album Watch: Maxwell Unveils Tracklisting For That Fourth Album We've Been Dying For

Monday, April 27, 2009

Feast your eyes on this:
  1. Phoenix Rise
  2. Playing Possum
  3. Help Somebody
  4. Fistful of Tears
  5. Stop the World
  6. Love You
  7. Pretty Wings
  8. Cold
  9. Bad Habits
Yes. This is the tracklisting for Maxwell's upcoming (and long-awaited) fourth album, Black Summer's Night. Yes. You better soak this in, because this is real. A tad shorter than I expected (c'mon you haven't released an album in five years, is it too salty to ask for a three-disc opus?) but I'm just being picky. Still, the song title of "Playing Possum" amuses me, as it pertains to what Maxwell has been doing to his fans for five years.

Since I was also subsided by the flu this past week, I missed a hell of a lot. That's why it's great to have blog partners in crime, such as my girl Vivrant Thang over at Songs In The Key of Life, to keep me on my pink polished toes of monumental things such as this. According to Vivrant, he Tweeted the tracklisting over the weekend, as he is in the process of mastering the album. Well, color me ecstatic! Now that July 7th release date that has been floating around is turning out to be a real drop date! And to think I was doubting the man...


  1. You're back! Hope you're feeling better

    Sooo excited about Maxwell's album, video, everything! 7/7/09 is gonna be like Christmas in summer!

  2. Welcome back, Jennifer. I hope that you had a cool time away from the blog, I know you were probably busy and all that. Hope you're well?

    It's about time!! How long has this album been talked of now! LOL! I'm sure it was being talked of before Dinosaurs went extinct. HAHA! A very short tracklist, but better than than nothing and 'Pretty Wings' is what I need in full. lol

  3. I am loving this new trend of reduced tracklists on albums! Go Maxwell!


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