Album Watch: Paolo Gives Us Some 'Candy'

Monday, April 6, 2009

2009 must be the year of the comeback (Leela James, Maxwell and "maybe/maybe not" D'Angelo...), as artists whom have been in hiding are coming out of their hibernation holes and releasing new tunes. One such artist is Scottish singer/guitarist, Paolo Nutini, who made a small splash with his 2006 album, These Streets, and the summery soul drawl of single, "Last Request". Paolo's been MIA for awhile, but he's making himself known again. Funny, because I was re-introduced to him recently by way of BFF Brittany, and at the time, we were both wondering where the heckle he went. Well, he's back, and sounding like he's optimistic (or hungry for eggs), as his new album is entitled Sunny Side Up, which is to be dropping in stores this June. The first single, "Candy" made an appearance a couple of weeks ago on the Net, and I was quite taken aback at how Paolo's voice has vastly changed since "Last Request" dropped. Lots of raw vocal power is being exuded here and he sounds like a seasoned rocker, not 21 years of age. Mind boggling. "Candy" is a little more folksy than the tracks from his debut effort, but it is welcoming nonetheless. If you haven't gotten on the Paolo Fan Express, by all means hop aboard and check out this new song. And while you're at it, also take a listen at a killer rendition of The Brothers Johnson's classic, "Strawberry Letter 23" that Paolo did at the Montreux Jazz Festival last year, which I have provided at the end of the cut. Oh, so sweet!


  1. Paolo Nutini has such a beautiful voice, very different. A great talent within music.

    Speaking of artists in hibernation though, where's Tweet? I know there was that 'supposed' album that was going to be dropped numerous months ago after numerous push backs, I need some music from the southern hummingbird, for real.

  2. Woohoo! Paolo's back! I got to check out his new stuff! Excellent post. Here's something interested I just came across. I tried to message it to you on Twitter but our beloved website is acting mighty strange today. Anyway, here goes. Pet Shop Boys news from CNN of all places:

  3. I love Paolo.

    For him to be so young, dude has a voice beyond his years and is SO TALENTED. I've got his first album on repeat. Listen to it all the time. Will definitely be buying this one.

  4. Here's the link for the Paolo tickets dear! So excited!

    You'll have to copy and paste it


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