All The Way Live: James Morrison Strums His Way Into Dallas

Thursday, April 30, 2009

There were a number of confused faces when I relayed to friends that I was seeing James Morrison in concert last Thursday. There were lots of "who?" and one "You mean Jim Morrison...right?" (FYI: Jim Morrison from The Doors has been dead for thirty-something years last time I checked...). As one of my main passions and purposes in life is to pass on good music to my peers, it was pure fun just to grin and go, "Google him and be amazed". James Morrison is a vocalist you should know by now, especially if you like a great, solid and distinguishable voice that is filled with that raw soul power. Mr. Morrison definitely has that "it" factor and it radiates live. The British guitarist caught my attention back when his debut, Undiscovered was released in 2007. I was amazed that this growly and mighty soulful tone came from this lanky white guy from England, and well, he wasn't going to be "undiscovered" for very long. Flash to a year later and James is on album #2 (Songs For You, Truths For Me) and is getting some much needed exposure.

So, loaded on DayQuil and with my two best buds (Brittany and Lindsay), I engaged in a night at the Granada Theater in Dallas, with the Magic Morrison. The place was pretty packed as James Morrison pointed out during his set, and it surprised me at how many people in the Dallas area came out and supported. James kicked started the show off perfectly with "The Only Night" from Songs For You, Truths For Me, and it was a killer opener...and you didn't even miss the horns which are present on the original. James went mostly through a bulk of his newer tracks such as "You Make It Real", "Precious Love" and "Broken Strings", not growing tired and switching through about three guitars for each song. His energy on stage was one to marvel at, as he just plugged away through each song. He of course did numbers from his debut, with "You Give Me Something" sounding oh so tender and lovely. "If You Don't Wanna Love Me" was one of my favorite performances of the night as pain and angst radiated through James's voice so honestly that you could just feel it...gave me the shivers, and no it wasn't because my DayQuil was wearing off, it was because the man seriously ejected some serious emotion. Another fun moment was during the performance of "Nothing Ever Hurt Like You" where James dipped into the vaults and dove into a rousing performance of the Stevie Wonder classic, "Uptight (Everything's Alright)", and the crowd got wildly excited. All in all, it was a great night and totally worth dragging out of my sick bed to attend.

Audio Diva Notes
  • Be jealous...I met James Morrison. I contained myself and got a poster signed by him. Sadly, I couldn't take a photo...grumpy publicists wouldn't let us.
  • The opening act was a piano player by the name of Diane Birch. She reminded me loads of Carole King and she did a slowed down version of Haddaway's "What Is Love", which surprisingly works as a ballad!
  • James Morrison's CD's cost $10...and the tote bags they sold were $15, just in case you cared.
  • We saw James Morrison right when we drove up the venue...he was a few feet in front of my friend's car, and of course she screamed, possibly scaring James as he walked back (quickly) to his bus....
  • My camera was overwhelmed with all the James-ness going on so the battery died before I could take


  1. Damn right I screamed! Top night! Love him and love you! <3 Good review of the night!

  2. And also I forgot to mention. I heard that MTV is bring Unplugged back and first to perform is...ADELE. I forgot where I read it but I would double check to make sure it wasn't some fantastic dream I had. Love you! <3 You make it real for me! :)


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