First Impressions: Chrisette and Ne-Yo Fly High In The Friendly Soul Skies Together

Monday, April 13, 2009

Why is it that I like Ne-Yo when he collaborates with other artists, but when the guy is alone, he's the bane of my existence? While I ponder that, I'm tipping my hat off to his recent collaboration with the divine Miss Chrisette Michele. The track, "What You Do" is to be the second single off of her upcoming album, Epiphany, and it's pretty darn good. Chrisette and Ne-Yo make for excellent duet partners as they charm their way through a sweet romance soul stunner that is laced with elements of soft 80's synths and jazz scatting...yes, you read that correct. It clearly possesses what is best of the old school mixes it with modern neo-soul elements. Seriously feeling this joint and from the sound of things, Chrisette's sophomore project is really shaping up to be just as stellar as her 2006 debut, I Am. Epiphany hits shelves May 5th, and if you follow Chrisette on Twitter, you'll be reminded of this event every day you log on...followed by a stream of exclamation points.


  1. definitely digging this song! based on the first 2 singles, Chrisette's album is lookin pretty good!

  2. Chrisette's album is certainly looking pretty good, her debut was so underrated. An amazing album, hopefully with this one she can have more success and maybe then, maybe, people will buy her first.

    Jennifer, I completely get what you're saying about Ne-Yo. I just don't get the guy's solo stuff, but you put him with anyone else or you get someone else singing one of his songs and the guy's a great songwriter. I just can't handle him singing alone and more songs from him (demo's or not) seem to be popping up just about everywhere these days.


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