First Impressions: Teena Marie and Faith Evans Serve Up A Soul Treat

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Teena Marie has residence in my heart always, so it's quite exciting to know that the soul singer is keep on keepin' as she'll be releasing a new album this summer. It's even more exciting that she has teamed up with another favorite of mines, R&B vocalist, Faith Evans to record a duet with. Excuse me for a sec, I just screamed out loud...The track, called "Can't Last A Day", is to be off of Teena's upcoming effort, Congo Square, that she's releasing on the legendary Stax Records label. The song follows in the vein of that classic 70's soul sound, with a mid-tempo piano rolling in the background and Teena and Faith vocals blending nicely. Naturally, I like this, though I was not at all jazzed with Teena vocals "display" at the beginning. Teena sounded strained and jilted in one go, but the song got better as it bounced along, and all was forgiven. Still, I'm glad to hear that Teena is sticking to the simmering soul this time 'round and not diving into hip-hop "mackin' mama" territory as she did on the 2004's embarrassing hit n'miss, La Dona. Not to mention, hearing Faith Evans on anything new is always a treat. All you Teena-junkies note that "Can't Last A Day" will be available on iTunes, April 7th and expect Congo Square to hit shelves, June 9th of this year.

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  1. oh.. that reminds me.. i also saw faith on one of those dating-type reality shows recently with esthero where they sorta call out guys on their bad habits.

    perhaps this is a faith career launch of some sort?


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