Nina Sky Aren't On Some 'Bull'

Monday, April 13, 2009

I have been having a rocky relationship with hip-hop/dance-pop joints lately. Nothing this year has been swaying me to shake yee ole gluteus maximus. That was until these ears heard Nina Sky's "On Some Bull...". Tacky title. Serious dance jam. Yes, I like this. It's not overtly trying too hard, the chorus is mad catchy and a song that has me listening three times in a row, deserves some sort of praise. Nina Sky have been under the radar but are slowly creeping back again as their long-awaited second album, The Musical, is getting an October release. Frankly, I missed this sister duo and it was quite nice to see them giving the dance crowd some much need groove. Much better than that disappointing garbage the Black Eyed Peas are doing (sorry, but "Boom Boom Pow" = "Boom Boom Blows" IMO). The video is basically a typical dance-off party, nuttin' too special...but there is a guy in a pig suit dancing it up mid-vid to sweetend the viewing deal.


  1. This song caught my attention too, I heard this about a week back and it's a preety cool songs. I cannot say I'm a fan of the artist, but this song is alright.

    Oh man, don't get me started on Black Eyed Peas new song, that is just rubbish - at it's best. I don't know what it is, but that group have been going downhill ever since they first went commercial, when they were underrated they were amazing, but their past couple of albums (and possibly their new one) were just silly. Bring back the old BEP, when they delivered hot tunes way before commercial success came along. 'Request Line' with Macy Gray was a tune right there. Where did it all go wrong?

  2. I love Nina Sky. I seriously love these girls voices. If you never heard of them this song I believe isn't a good representation of what they can really do. They have a song on their last album called "Temperature's Rising". It really made me a fan for life

  3. Your right, this song is rather catchy and the video doesnt try to hard. Usually, I'm a fan of videos that actually have some literal meaning but suprisingly.. I'm still on board with this.

    I love Nina Sky though... always have even from 'Move ya Body', which I still bump in my car ( and my kids love that one lol). They remind me of Mary Mary.. just with no gospel inclusion. Speaking of which this video is a lot like the one Mary Mary did for the single 'Get Up'.. no?


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