Song Stuck In My Head: Kim Wilde's Underappreciated R&B Jam

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Hey Mr. Heartache" -Kim Wilde (1988)

I will never understand why I love Kim Wilde's music so much. Maybe because the British poptress likes to genre hop (she's done everything from New Wave to New Jack) or maybe it's because she puts out catchy tunes that a 22-year-old sista with bizarre music taste likes to indulge in? Whatever the case, Kim Wilde is one of my favorites. So usually whenever I feel a little blue (as last week's personal dramas managed to boil over into this week), Miss Wilde's tuneage usually comes to my rescue. Loads of people like to bash with spiteful venom Kim's R&B turn with the single, "Hey Mr. Heartache". I don't get the hate because I find it to be a energetic slice of a dance jam. Sure the title is a little trite, but the song fits right in with what was grand about the New Jack movement back then. The song, which opens her 1988 Close album, features vocalist Junior ("Mama Used To Say") on backing vocals. With all these great elements going on, it really boggles my mind as to why this song didn't latch onto R&B radio back then. Oh, wells, people suck sometimes. Still this is a great little slick nugget of a dance number that continues to have me sing and dance along.

Lots of "serious acting" in this video...Kim has that pouting look patented...ah, throwing out the clothes in the closet, she should've gone all Waiting To Exhale style and torched his clothes too...this vid is missing a dance troupe of some sort

1 comment:

  1. I Understand u perfectly!
    Kim wilde is a real wild child lady!


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