Song Stuck In My Head: Takin' Control One Bass Lick At A Time

Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Take Control"- Amerie (2007)

With news that a new Amerie album will be surfacing this summer, I had to celebrate...and by celebrating it meant diving back into the realm of 2007's Because I Love It. What you should know about Amerie is that while she gets lumped into the bushel of leaves of the likes of Ashanti/Ciara et al, she's a bit...well, um...fiercer. Plus she seems to always think out of the box...just when you think it's a typical R&B joint in your midst, there is just a little something extra to make it different from the pack. Take for instance the just-won't-quit funk drive of, "Take Control". This song was groomed to be a monster...yet that monster seemed docile in it's cage. It had all the elements of a "hit single": tight production (courtesy of Cee-Lo and Mike Caren), eager vocal work by Amerie and blasting horns mixed with a tough as nails bass line. But alas the song didn't stick...even though it should've. As I wait patiently for Amerie to cook something new up in her kitchen of sass...this will have to do for now.

To me this is all over the place...but at least there is some sort of blended concept: Amerie shimmies and shakes in a glittery outfit but moonlights as an undercover agent...Lots of catwalk-esque strutting going on in this vid, somebody watched America's Next Top Model frequently...


  1. i've never seen this video before; thanks for posting!

    Amerie really needs to come back; she's better than some people give her credit for

  2. I can't even express how much I love this album. Thanks a bunch for bringing back a classic

  3. I have to agree.. Amerie is underrated but is extremely versatile. And... she gets my vote since shes short like I am lol.


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