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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

If there is any album that is so appropriately titled, it is Annie Lennox's Diva. While it's not self-indulgent in the slightest, the "diva" mindset is clearly showcased on here with songs filled with, style, beauty and most importantly power. The ever classy Miss Lennox makes an album that speaks volumes long after you press the stop button, and trust me, you'll know after one listen. After having a successful run as 1/2 of new-wave soul duo, the Eurythmics for the better part of the 80's, Annie spread her wings and went solo in 1992. The product of that departure is the album that features a jaunt Annie dressed in showgirl garb, looking ever so "diva" like. A sophisticated set of tracks reside on this while Annie's peerless soulful wail penetrates and haunts all in one go. It's really an album that seems fresher by each play as each song is textured and structured so intricately, though the scenarios are simple, it seems that a lot of care went into crafting this. Most of the songs engulf you from the first listen, such as songs like the surging Gospel of "Cold" and the persistent pound of the electric, "Little Bird", which both make for a listen that is one of a kind. Hit single, "Why" remains the meat of the album, as it begins things off in a reflective tone, while "Walking On Broken Glass" livens things up with it's spunky instrumentation. Of course, the focal point of this album is Annie's vocals which resonate loud and clear. She simply makes singing sound so effortless, hence why she is one of the best vocalists that is around today. Her vocals clearly make the songs come alive. More so on gems like the brooding dank soul of "Legend In My Living Room" and the gravitational pull that "Money Can't Buy It" leads you into. In a way this album is too perfect, but it's something that I don't mind as every time this is spun, it always feels like I'm hearing something new for the first time. Diva is stylish, poised and poignant even after all these years.

Rating: 9.8/10

Striking, just striking...Influenced by Marlene Dietrich and wonderfully done...Annie just mesmerizes on this

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  1. a friend of mine bought this cd for me as a gift. he was nervous about buying music for singer(i sing as well) and agonized in the airport shop until he settled on Diva. I listened til it cracked.

    This is one artist that tweaked visual expression and still delivered great music.


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