Take 5 Friday: C'est La Vie...That's Just The Way It Goes

Friday, April 3, 2009

1. "Doin' Da Butt" To 80's One-Hit Wonders: One hit is better than none they say, and VH1 is celebrating that idea, as the network has been unfolding 100 greatest one-hit wonders from the 80's this week. Always a sucker for a good list and an excuse to revel in 80's tunes, this clearly was the highlight of my week (sad, I know). From E.U.'s "Da Butt" to Stacey Q's "Two Of Hearts" to Quarterflash's "Harden My Heart", this Audio Diva got her fix of one-hit wonderdom. Fave one-hit wonder you ask? Hmm...I'm gonna have to go with pop/R&B singer and guitarist, Robbie Nevil because: a) His debut album is amazing b) His second album is fab and 3) His third album is great.....truefax. In my mind this man had more than one hit...especially with "Dominoes" which is 10x's better than his big hit, 1986's "C'est La Vie", in my humble opinion. What's his stint now after the one-hit glow? He is currently responsible for penning songs for Disney's High School Musical francise and Hannah Montana. I refuse to believe.

2. Crimes Of T-Shirt Addiction: I have expressed my T-shirt love before...but it seems that I just can't stop going a little koo-koo for a vintage screen "conversation" tee, especially one with a artist or band splashed on the front. Shirts designed as such are easy to find (especially if you like The Beatles or Run DMC) but if you're looking for something a bit "original"...it takes a little Internet digging. I literally fell in love with this Pat Benatar shirt (see right) and I ordered it just this week...and I'm gathering up change to snatch up a Madonna one I found. It is addicting and expensive, so I do have a cheaper alternative waiting in the wings. That alternative is: to get BFF Lindsay to help me make a Prince Parade album cover T-shirt with an iron-on kit from Michael's Crafts. Will update on the progress.

3. Jilly From Philly Radiates In 'Detective Agency': To get my Oda Mae Brown on, I have a strong feeling that neo-soul queen, Jill Scott could get an Emmy or Golden Globe nod for her lead role as detective, Precious Ramotswe in HBO's new series, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. Why? Jill Scott made me forget that she's: Jill Scott, amazing neo-soul singer as her acting was genuine and effortless. Another plus is that the show is like a breath of fresh air as it has a plot, manages to stick to that plot and had characters you can instantly like...plus the scenarios are cute as hell. Since I'm stewing over Pushing Daisies's cancellation, this hit the spot for something with substance and style. So while everyone is still trying to make Beyonce's "acting" career happen, I think we should divert our attention to Jill, who clearly shines not only behind the mic, but on the TV screen as well.

4. Craig David Is Still Alive: According to this video...I was wondering what happened to ol' Craigy boy after he dropped singles, "Insomnia" and "Where's The Love" for his Greatest Hits package back in November of 2008. Craig David seemed to vanish again, even though he's supposed to be keeping up his promise for a new album. So I was elated to know that the brotha was still alive and kicking, as he recently was spotted sweating it up on stage in Manila, Philippines (of all places). Craig managed to squeeze out a lively performance of his first hit, "Fill Me In" during the set and remained sexy while doing so. Forgive the audio and video as I have no doubt this was filmed on a cell phone/digital camera...

5. 'My Adidas' Are Going To Put To Good Use This Weekend: Speaking of Run DMC...we must remember that they are getting inducted in the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame this weekend (apparently by Eminem...yawn). So you know what that means? It's time to pay homage to the boys from Hollis by watching video after video on YouTube and renting a copy of Krush Groove. Yay! Oh, and it's essential to play "Walk This Way" over and over till even you feel the need to scream like Steven Tyler. Things that we do in the name of music...Here is Run DMC on the children's show Reading Rainbow, back when rappers used to promote things like, reading and staying in school...instead of "lollipops" and "shorties getting low". Time has certainly flown by...Tune into Fuse on Saturday to check out the induction ceremony.


  1. I adore Jill Scott, she's amazing in this series. I was really looking forward to it for a couple of reasons, one - because I'm a huge of fan of Jilly from Philly, she's amazing at all that she does and two, because I saw part of the pilot episode at Easter last year here in the UK and it looked amazing. Jill really pulled it off, never had any doubt about it, she was the perfect candidate for this part.

    Episode four is on Sunday here and needless to say, it is a fantastic series. I hope to see Jill do a lot more acting roles, she certainly has a gift for it. We definitely need another series. Jill is the artist turned actress we should all be focusing on, she certainly has what it takes. Go Jilly!

  2. I want a Prince 'Parade' t-shirt too!! I saw Beyonce with it...must update to see if it comes out ok!

    (BTW, love your site; you've introduced me to some good artists)

  3. Jill Scott is amazing through and through and I can't wait to see what happens next on this series...I'm jealous though that you guys have already seen most of the shows, not fair :( LOL

    Bree, thanks so much! And yes, I will update on the progress of my Prince shirt, since I probably can't afford the one Beyonce has, I have to make my own. Thought I did find one Prince shirt on 80's Tees.com, but I didn't like the way the graphic looked...I dunno, it looked fake, LOL I'm so picky :)


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