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Friday, April 17, 2009

1. Celeb Stalking Following On Twitter: Who would've known that Jody Watley was so philosophical? Or that Kelly Rowland likes to type in ALL CAPS...Twitter has sadly become a pastime, but while I don't feel the need to post every five seconds of my life to my followers (take note, Estelle), it's kinda fun and it's a fly on the wall approach to finding out about your fave artists and what they are up to musically. Usually you might end up with a juicy scoop or two. Take for instance: Maxwell making his followers hearts beat irregularly by posting the release date for the long awaited project, Black Summer's Night...what a monumental day that was. My favorites follows? Tough call, but it's a four-way tie between ?uestlove from The Roots, Beverley Knight, Marsha Ambrosius,
and Chrisette Michele. They keep it fresh and make you feel like you are apart of their inner circle...or so we all like to secretly think. And if you want to add another ~celebrity~ to your mix...you can learn about the further adventures of the Audio Diva on Twitter as well *wink*

2. Exposure (Of The Freestyle Proposition): This week felt like ripping a Band-Aid off ever so painfully and slowly. It was pretty bad, from my hustling to fix two cakes for my Spanish presentation (don't ask) and ending the week gloriously with me taking a nasty spill on my apartment building's stairs (to those who care...I'm fine, just bruised, banged up, and hobbling along) So what's a way to make me feel instantly better. One word. Expose. The group, not the transitive verb. Expose has been a long time love and their 1987 debut, Exposure is what 80's dance is all about. I'm getting a kick out of this flashback performance of "Point Of No Return" at the legendary Apollo. The crowd is super energized and the hair that is flapping around on the Expose ladies could take over the planet. Mi goodness! What I like most about this is that they are dancing AND singing LIVE. No lip syncing. You can tell cause they get a bit off pitch, but still, this makes the girl groups and lip-synchers of now look like slackers. Get it girls!

3. When It's A Slow Music News Week....: ...You marvel at the dumbest things. I'm a little intrigued at Solonge Knowles "eye makeup" that she's been sportin'. I don't know what to make of it. If I wore it, I'd get clowned. It looks like a four year old trying on mommy's makeup, and then it looks like she's going for that Boy George look. Whatever the muse, it's gotten my attention and makes her 10X's more fun than Beyawnce "I'll Show You Crazy" Knowles.

4. Kylie Minogue "Trades Spaces": How did I miss the factoid that Kylie Minogue has her own bedding line now? It's been out for a year and how did I not know? Oh...I'm an American, that's why I'm supposed to be a Last-Minute Liz on this. Of course this fascinated me to no end, especially because I love "bed in bags", and other fine linens. But I'm also impressed that this collection actually not half bad. In fact, this is something I would design...for real. I'm digging the set called "Vintage"...and even the disco ball looking set, "Sequins" would come off as kiddy, but it actually looks quite lovely. But I dare not even look at the prices for these luxe lounging items...my wallet does not need to be offended anymore this year.

5. Get Down, Tha Boogie, Oogie, Oogie: I like this. Yes, I do, I dooohoo. Blog partner, My Mood Is Music, introduced me to this ram-bam astro soul n' funk trio known as Tha Boogie. The trio hail from California and were recently signed to Raphael Saddiq's label. So you know this is some good ish. It's kind of neat to see a two guys and a girl line up as well as the group labelling their music "Zouk". The video for single, "Hey Love" is a little on the "college budget" side, but I must admit, it looked better than the unoriginal trite stuff Keri Hilson's trying to pull on everyone. It's a little hipster, a little out of the box and entertaining. I'm going to file Tha Boogie in my "2009 Artist Watch" cabinet, and we'll see how they play out.

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  1. To Tweet or not to Tweet that is the question. I'm really having a hard time with the Twitter movement. I'm really not sure if I feel like getting updates every 15 or 5 mintues from my favorite artist wondering what they are up to. I mean it really does take away the mystery of some of them like I found out that one of my favorite artist Nina Sky has a Twitter. It's so weird because they claim to be such private people. I'm not sure but I feel like technology is taking a grasping hold of the music industry and the orginality or the concept of mystery is gone. Everything has to be exposed. I'm not quite sure how to handle the "sentation" of Twitter. I mean I already deleted my facebook and I'm really going to delete my myspace soon. What do you think Jennifer


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