Adventures In Irrelevancy: So There WAS A Poor Man's Version of NKOTB

Friday, May 1, 2009


What happens when you try to capitalize on the New Kids on The Block boy band frenzy? You get the Guys Next Door. Who, you ask? Apparently back in the early 90's someone thought it was a grand idea to put five guys together and create a TV show circulating around their rise to fame, that show ended up being NBC's Guys Next Door. And oh, what a beautiful mess it is. The video, which is slightly (and hilariously) edited by website, Everything Is Terrible, is a collage of music videos and interviews from the short lived show. The fact that the guys are serious about their "careers", is what had me in peels of laughter. The music videos are the diamond pieces here...they had every element of a cheesy ass boy band video right down to the band members crooning on a carousel ride. I was expecting a beach scene to pop up, but was treated with the classic scene of "walking hopelessly in the woods reflecting on my missing girlfriend". After all this, I'm deeply sadden at myself for recognizing the lone Black guy in the group as one of Laura's boyfriends on the 90's TV show Family Matters. *crickets* I was truly DEVASTATED when I recognized him. I seriously need to reassert my life if I know random tidbits like that. While I do that, marvel at the priceless editing done by EIT, especially at the 3:09 mark....that is a tried and true boy band interviewing technique exaggerated. Pure genius.

1 comment:

  1. Buahahhaha. That made my day. That was like NKOTB knockoff to the letter. Haha.


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