Album Watch: The Lioness Is Ready To Roar In August

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let's all take a big sigh of relief. Ready...1, 2, ahhhhh...the reason for the exhale is that R&B singing chanteuse, Teedra Moses is finally coming out with her sophomore effort, The Young Lioness, this SUMMER. Yep, you are reading this correctly, this August we will be treated to the sounds of Miss Moses. After Teedra's record label, TVT Records went bankrupt, it seemed that the idea of Teedra releasing an album was just lingering in the air. Now some odd mixtape drops and whispering rumors later, The Young Lioness is to be seeing the light of day, and from Teedra's words, the wait has been worth it. We will be seeing Teedra collaborate with the great Raphael Saddiq as well as appearances by modern soul man, Raheem DeVaughn and rapper, The Game. Sounds like this little collection is not going to disappoint! Hopefully I won't judge it too harshly on it's arrival, as Teedra's debut, 2004's Complex Simplicity is one of my all-time favorite albums...The Young Lioness has got some big shoes to fill! Check out Teedra giving more scoop on her musical whereabouts and what to expect from the new effort as she dishes it out with Soul below.

1 comment:

  1. FINALLY!!

    It so feels like forever waiting for this project, I s hope that it doesn't get pushed back. Teedra is on the list of albums to get, it should be just as amazing as her debut.

    Thanks for the heads up, Jennifer.


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