Audio Vision: Gleeful for 'Glee'

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh, joyous rapture! Finally a TV show that circles around music that isn't reality based or features a little blonde chick who's name ends in a US state. So what's this show I speak of? Why it's FOX's new comedy, the appropriately titled, Glee. The show revolves a group of high school students who are involved in their school's "uncool" Glee Club...and all the jazz hands and drama that ensues as their teacher proceeds to take them to a big national competition. Glee wouldn't be a high school showcase without the underlying clashing of cliques, you know the cheerleaders, jocks, nerds etc....think if The Breakfast Club was somehow perkier and circled around musical competitions. The show clearly is promising and is a guilty pleasure morsel of comedy goodness. Plus it is giving me old flashbacks of my theatre days. It's practically torturous that we have to wait till the Fall television season for us to see the rest of the season, but the pilot episode just wet the whistle and gives us something to look forward to recording to our DVR's. Now what about the music you ask? Well, Glee donned its campy pop shorts, as songs such as Journey's "Don't Stop Believing", Grease's "You're The One I Want" and even Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" were spotlighted in fun theatrical fare. Clearly, it was quite nice to see something cheerful and downright syrupy in the beginning of the week. Let's just hope that FOX doesn't catch 'ABC Cancellation Syndrome' and cancels it after a couple of episodes, as it seems that every oddball comedy show that ever pops up gets the plug pulled. So FOX, don't stop believing in this show! Oh, and if you loved the songs featured on last night's episode, iTunes has you covered.

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