Finals Hang-Ups

Sunday, May 10, 2009

<----I seriously feel like this. Highly uncomfortable. Why? Because it's the dreaded finals week here in Audio Diva Land. So you know what that free time is being held captive by the "evil" college machine. Since I need some studying time, I will be away from the blog for the remainder of the week, but I shall return next week with more musical musing fare. So to all those who are wallowing in finals misery, I feel your pain and good luck to you! Oh, and also congrats to all the grads who will be removing that ball and chain once they get their diplomas!

My lovely Adventurers, I will see you in a week! :)

And to not make you too sad about my absence, here is a "Mother's Day ode", in case you missed it. It's totally skeevy but hilarious nonetheless.


  1. Awesome entry. I hear the SNL episode JT did this past week was hilarious. My mom has DVR'd it and I shall watch it later. Break a leg with those finals. Today is my last day of internship and I am free! No finals for me this week! :D (don't hit me upside the head for that. I had to do it) Me and this awesome caseworker Wanda are jamming to "Don't You Forget About Me" and that's exactly what I want you to you, my audio sister!

  2. good luck with the finals!! xx


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