First Impressions: Chrisette's 'Epiphany' Rings True

Monday, May 4, 2009

There's this thing called the "sophomore slump". A musical myth that an artist can't seem to match the echelon of their debut album. Where the artist either wallows in vanity, gets wrapped up in what their record label desires or intensely try hard to outscore their successful debut. Some artists tend to stumble into this fatal category, while others are able to sail easily over this hump. Chrisette Michele is a part of the latter as her second installment, Epiphany, defeats the curse of the "sophomore slump". Chrisette's career was literally set in stone when she dropped the impressive 2007 debut, I Am on an unsuspecting listening public. The album became a quiet force in the R&B/Neo-Soul market and labeled the New York native as one of the new young blood divas to keep tabs on. Now with Epiphany, Chrisette is the star of the show once again, with her supporting cast of producers, Ne-Yo, Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony lending a hand. Chrisette's style remains intact as she continues to weave in smoky jazz and Gospel touches into modern R&B and hip-hop grooves, but she expands on these ideals on the second go-round. "Notebook" recalls 90's R&B with it's easygoing chorus while the title track, and lead-off single, simmers with jazz tones and rhythmic flair. There is really no denying Chrisette's vocal acrobats as she makes singing seem like an effortless task. On Epiphany, Chrisette continues to soar vocally but on this she sounds much more confident and blows other mediocre vocal fishes out of the water. The stunning, "Blame It On Me" showcases Chrisette's vocal maturity as she just nails every single note sublimely. The slickness continues on tracks like the charming "All I Ever Think About" and the guitar laden up-tempo, "Another One". Chrisette continues to stun right to the closer, the chilling powerhouse ballad, "I'm Okay" which is brimming with searing emotion. The second chapter of Chrisette Michele's career has been written with Epiphany, an unyielding and impressive set of songs that make you hungry for what Chrisette has in store for chapter three.

Rating: 9.7/10
Release Date: May 5, 2009


Blame It On Me

All I Ever Think About

1 comment:

  1. Chrisette's album is amazing, I love it. Of course her debut is always going to sail miles ahead, that was the album that placed her on the musical map for people, but she has come back with a great album.


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