First Impressions: Get In 'Step' With Beverley Knight

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Queen is back on her throne, the Queen of UK Soul that is. Back in March, news about Beverley Knight's return to the music scene was released and now there is finally a fresh new track from the effort making its way to the surface. "Every Step" is a lite funk and pop track that has rides on a summery vibe. It feels like a warm old school number, almost like it bounced off of Beverley's 90's era. Quite like it and it's Beverley Knight, what's not to worship? Be on the lookout for Miss Knight's upcoming sixth album which will be hitting stores later this year.

Special thanks to blog bud, Woosh from Sexy Never Left for the heads up and the track!


  1. She was on the Radio last night in an interview and revealed that she has recorded a track with none other than Chaka Khan.. My heart skipped a beat when she dropped that on us.

  2. Beverley & Chaka Khan?!? EPIC! That's amazing news Anon! I can't wait to hear that!

  3. I know, EPIC! As you may know, Chaka Khan lives in London and is very good friends with Beverley Knight. They have performed together on stage loads of times since 2002 (some of the vids are available on youtube) if you get the time, check the video ''beverley knight & chaka khan - disrespectful'' they performed for Quincy Jones' birthday party in Montreux! In a recent interview with chaka over here she was asked ''so what music do you listen to whilst driving?'' and her response was ''Beverley Knight, she's my british sister'' LOL...


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