First Impressions: Oceana Makes Waves

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Forgive the nautical pun in the post's kind of bound to happen when a name like Oceana is involved. Thanks to blog buddies Soul UK and Sexy Never Left I've got massive love for newbie Oceana and her debut album, Love Supply, which possesses some serious soul moves n' grooves. Behind the free flowing blonde 'fro is a talented singer hailing from Germany, who was mentored by a family friend, the legendary jazz musician, Maceo Parker. So it's no surprise that Love Supply follows in the lane of Parker's stylish sound, yet Oceana's witty attitude makes for a modern twist on familiar territory. Those who have become weary of Amy Winehouse's year-long shenanigans will find Love Supply a competent candidate to fill the void. Not to deter away from Oceana herself, who is a great vocalist on her own accord, but if you miss the Wine, Love Supply's soul content and cheeky quips crashes the camp grounds. The lead-off single, "Cry Cry" expertly details the changes between childhood friends over a doo-wop background. "Bad Boy" blends in a skittish percussion beat with rousing horns and you can't help but snap along to it. The jerky "Last Supply" is go-go boots ready, while the fabulously titled, "Fucked Up Situation" wallows in a mix of gritty Blues and pop. Oceana dabbles in a warm Gospel number called "U Need A Hug" and then turns around and does a Motown homage in "As Sweet As You" which is drips with sugary summer fun. Oceana expresses her love of Reggae as "Baby Hold On" rocks on that steady vibe. On the personal front, I dig "All Genetic", which has a great cohesive musical breakdown in the chorus that just booms through the speakers. It's really no secret that Oceana is destined for some sort of recognition as Love Supply is one of the best and most ambitious soul offerings you'll hear all year. It's frisky, fun and funks you out of your socks. As Oceana's MySpace indicates, this ocean is in motion.

Rating: 9.8/10
Release Date: May 26, 2009

Cry Cry
Bad Boy
All Genetic


  1. omg, that backing music on Cry Cry sounds SO much like an Amy Winehouse creation.. Great voice, even if it is a bit Amy rip-off

  2. I've been looking for something so fresh muscially for a long time. Not to say that some of the artist that we have out now are making strides toward it but Oceana offer a breath of fresh air that I havent haerd in UK soul in awhile. Thanks for the post

  3. Glad to see tou share the love for Oceana. She is definitely a talented lady and i don't see her as an Amy rip-off (@ anonymous lol).

    Lets hope she gets some record label support behind and gets the attention the album deserves.

  4. lol, I'm not calling HER an Amy rip off, just the one song 'Cry Cry' and if you don't think so then that's kool 8-). Personally, I don't think she sounds anything like Amy but the backing music on that song is SOOO rip off... I haven't heard anything more rip-off since Leona released Spirit and proved that she is a piss poor man's Marish

  5. Make that Mariah lol

  6. This girl is incredibly talented, her album is definitely worth checking out for those who haven't already.


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