Freebie Adventures: Cover Smother-The Album

Friday, May 22, 2009

Everyone likes a good cover song, well...if it's done correctly. Sometimes it's hard to find a cover song where the artist can take a classic, well-known jam and make it into something unique or equally as grand as the original. The songs that you see (and will hear) before you are covers songs that I particularly enjoy from a variety of artists and genres. You'll hear "Sledgehammer" work as a slow moving Gospel number and"Sour Times" get a Motown injection. There are a lot of surprises (see Dannii Minogue getting soulful) and lots of "wow that was better than original" (see Maxwell), but you can be the judge of that once you download and listen. But be forwarned, you might find a new favorite rendition!

Shoutout to Woosh from the fabu, Sexy Never Left for sharing the James Morrison track with's all kinds of superb! ENJOY! :)

1. Say A Little Prayer-Diana King (originally by Dionne Warwick)
2. Touch A 4 Leaf Clover-Erykah Badu (originally by Atlantic Starr)
3. Sour Times-Bryn Christopher (originally by Portishead)
4. Private Life-Grace Jones (originally by The Pretenders)
5. I Wanna Be Your Lover-Haywoode (originally by Prince)
6. This Woman’s Work-Maxwell (originally by Kate Bush)
7. One-Mary J. Blige (originally by U2)
8. All This Love-Leigh Jones (originally by DeBarge)
9. A Love Of Your Own-Millie Jackson (originally by the Average White Band)
10. Just Got Paid-NSYNC (originally by Johnny Kemp)
11. Sex On Fire-James Morrison (originally by Kings of Leon)
12. Sledgehammer-Maiysha (originally by Peter Gabriel)
13. Sweet Dreams-Bat For Lashes (originally by the Eurythmics)
14. Sealion (Sea Line Woman) –Feist (originally by Nina Simone)
15. Show You The Way To Go-Dannii Minogue (originally by the Jacksons)
16. Two Of Hearts-Annie (originally by Stacey Q)
17. Stars-Rahsaan Patterson (originally by Janis Ian)

DL: Cover Smother


  1. I love you for including Dannii. It's not her finest moment but I adore it!

  2. Great mix, Jennifer. I'm pleased you like the James Morrison tune, I sent you a few other goodies that I promised too.

    Maxwell's version of the Kate Bush song is just wow. I do like both versions. They use Kate's version in the NSPCC adverts over here, such a powerful song. No one can touch this artists vocally, she's so unique.

  3. Glad you like the covers!

    I have a hard time with "This Woman's Work", I can never decide between Maxwell or Kate Bush! Both sing the song superbly. I wish I could get my hands on Natalie Cole singing Kate Bush's "The Man With The Child In His Eyes", it's another great cover. Kate Bush has got to be one of my top 5 favorite vocalists, her ballads always make me a teary mess. This song and "Breathing" are tough pills to swallow.

    Mike, LOL, Dannii's R&B moment, the music video for it is disappointing though, they are in a cave?!? Still I love this as it's one of the reasons I can tolerate 'Get Into You'


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