The Gospel: Overexposure, The New Professional Suicide?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Build me up, buttercup...then you let me down. This is what's happening to me with my musical tirade with Lady Gaga. To begin, Lady Gaga is a guilty pleasure for me, and in honesty, "Just Dance" and "Pokerface" are some of the best pop songs I've heard in a LONG time. Whether you love or hate her, you can't say she has your attention. But her current state of being has rubbed me the wrong way, especially the fact that she's gotten locked in the "Too Big, Too Fast" brigade. The brigade where the 15 minutes of fame clock has already started to begin. I remember when I first blogged about the GaGa on a now defunct blog, and at the time, she was actually a breath of fresh air. She played piano and looked rather like a normal person, and not a Dale Bozzio (from Missing Persons) impersonator who considers herself "an art piece" and not a simple pop star. Now that Lady GaGa isn't my little pop secret anymore, my likeness for her waned because the music and the fact that Lady GaGa can play a damn instrument and write her own material, is kind of lost. The image has taken over and it's being shoved down our throats. This is kind of the road I went down with Beyonce Knowles, the grand dame of "overexposureness" whom managed to overbear the R&B charts and make a video for each and every song off of her 2006's B'Day album, not to mention was in movies, TV commercials and was just basically like Big Brother looming over and "watching you" for a good solid year. Blame their promotion team or Papa Knowles, or really, just blame the Internet. With social networking, video sites and blogs (like this one *wink*), Beyonce and Lady GaGa have ushered in the "new pop star"...the one where everywhere you turn, there they are, like a monkey on your back, as if you are obligated to like them because they are such a constant. Has overexposure in the media tainted the appeal of these stars? Think about it, if a talented underground artist got wildly popular and was everywhere at once, would you reassess your image of them because everyone suddenly knew who they were? Would you stop pumping their music because it became too accessible? Or would you ignore the hype and stick with it? Sometimes, maybe absence does makes the heart grow fonder.


  1. The difference between these type mega-popstars and the old school mega-popstars (i.e. Michael Jackson, Janet, Madonna, etc.) is that they weren't hocking all kinds of products in addition to their music and videos.

    These pop stars today have diversified themselves beyond belief. And that lends moreso to over-exposure, I think, than being discussed on music blogs. And if what I just said makes any sense (lol) then looking at Lady Gaga vs. Beyonce, you notice an incredible difference. Lady Gaga is still the diamond in the rough (but she's starting to really shine); she's yet (as far as I know) diversified herself with cell phones, cosmetic contracts, clothing lines, etc. Beyonce's been there and done that; she's one of the super-starruhs who've set this new archetype for pop-stardom.

    Lady Gaga can remain that quasi-underground artist to me putting forth good work that hopefully helps to reinvent the genre instead of mimicking the wheel. But if she jumps on the Fortune 500 bandwagon AND maintains her status and grows in popularity, etc. then yeah, she'll be just like Sasha Fierce and others like her.

    And another thing, in terms of comparison I'd like to say Beyonce is like an 'android' and Lady Gaga is like a 'replicant' (see Bladerunner). She's not quite mechanized by the 'machine' just yet.........unfortunately it might happen :(

  2. lady Gaga is still playing more stripped down performances, I heard her on BBC Radio 1 shortly after "Poker Face" hit No. 1, and her preformance was like Liza Menelli/Lotte Lenya/Cabaret awesomeness. This post kind of sounded like the whole "I liked this artist, but now I don't because everyone else likes her too" sort of thing. I completely understnad the whole too-fast-too-soon-phenomenon, but I don't begrudge her success. And she's not nearly as pretentious as some other big pop stars.


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