The Gospel: Who Is Really The "New" Anything?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Poor Kanye West. Poor misguided and jaded Kanye West. He truly believes that:

First off, Kanye needs to stop Glenn Beck-ing his caps locks button, and second, he needs to breathe fresh air and not that glue bag he's been sniffing like Spike Lee did in Crooklyn. While Kanye is probably talking out of the side of his neck once again, he may be the poster child for something that we are all guilty of doing: comparing. Comparisons are about as annoying as hangnails because they just keep coming back. I will admit, that on this blog I will try to compare an artist to give my readers an ideal of how one such artists sound is akin to others, but I myself kind of don't like doing it. Comparing newer artists to established ones seem like we're rushing the musical process. It reminds me of when everyone was touting Jazmine Sullivan as the new Jennifer Hudson, when poor JHud hadn't even released her debut album. It's almost like we're not letting the meat marinate in the bowl so that the flavors get sealed in.

Or, maybe it is high time we consider "replacements" as Michael Jackson is prepping his swan song tour (and canceling/pushing back dates), Jimi Hendrix and Frank Sinatra are both deceased, and Madonna hasn't been on her A-game lately, but do we really need to compare these people to these legends who made the blueprint that these artists needlessly copy inch by inch? What happened to being a trendsetter of your own accord? Or is this just "a little bit history repeatin'"? To me, it's a little daunting (or premature) to be thinking of some of these artists as the next anything because frankly, none of above mentioned (yes, even Radiohead's Thom Yorke) have reached the point of "legend" status. Maybe time will tell if the above mentioned artists will take over the thrones, but for now, it's just too soon to call. Nice to call attention to it, Mr. West, but for the record, last I heard picking up a guitar and making a "rock themed" album just because you "feel like it" does NOT make you the next Jimi Hendrix. Originality, get some folks.


  1. Beyonce could never be the new Tina Turner, there's only one Tina. End of story!

    She has a lot of fans, I agree, but you cannot possibly compare Beyonce to Tina, that would be crazy. One, their music is so different. Two, it's just a crazy comparison. Three, Kanye needs to sit down and think about what he's saying. Four, did I mention the comment was crazy? LOL!

    What is it with Kanye and his crazy comments just lately?

  2. lol, you mean BeYAWNcé? Fantastic bloody singer but her music is so trashy and sell out it's a joke... Really don't like how she carries herself either.. And papa knowles is a total dick!

  3. Kanye's comments never fail to spark some sort of controversy...or confusion LOL, 'Ye thinks on a totally different level than others. And his comparison to Hendrix got my blood more boiled than anything as Lil' Wayne is not even in the same RANGE as Hendrix. But it's Kanye, that silly man LOL

    LOL at Anonymous, yep BeYAWNce, she can sing, I give her that, but I just can't catch onto what she's trying to do. I find her personality as boring as a spreadsheet but that's just my opinion.


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