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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

For the record, "Paranoid" kept me locked onto Kanye West's, 808's & Heartbreak, due to the mere fact that it was the only song that didn't seem plagued with auto-tune-itis. Plus it also features one of my newbie faves, British vocalist, Mr. Hudson, and featured a hella good 80's techno back beat. After witnessing a blurry version of the song's video a couple of weeks back, I'm still disappointed to find out that this video doesn't live up to the song's caliber. Here we have Rihanna co-starring as she writhes about, looks distressed and drives in what looks like bumper car throughout the vid's three minutes and 48 seconds. Is this visual supposed to be some inside message video to Chris Brown? Or was Kanye so focused on his upcoming book, that he just kind of said, "Rihanna just do that glazed stare you do in every one of your videos and look cute. It's gonna be art, I tell ya, ART!" No. Staring at the camera does not equal art, it equals, being lazy.

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  1. Yes I also thought it was very...what's the word??? BLAH!!! Kanye could have done much better, he has done better. I was really hoping Mr. Hudson would be introduced to the world in this video but oh well, hopefully the next video is much better. He is known for great videos. I'm curious as to who directed it...?


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