Rolling The Ball...

Friday, May 8, 2009

What in hell is Kate Bush doing? That's a question that usually pops in ones head when devouring what England's native kook daughter serves up. Still, whatever she's doing, you'll instantly become involved. I've been on a sort of Kate Bush kick lately and what do you know....the singer's 1978 debut, The Kick Inside has been the album of choice. Get it? "Kick"? It's too early....One track that I always thoroughly enjoy off of Kick is, "Them Heavy People". It's like a blend between 1920's ragtime and a musical number from a rock opera, and it's wildly catchy. Here we have Kate showing off her comedic side with a performance of the song from her Christmas special back in 1979. Kate does some sort of skit with two trench coat clad dancers and she even gets a bottle smashed on her's like SNL just funnier! The performance is hokey as hell and doesn't explain the song in the slightest, but whatever, Kate Bush wins at life and that's all that matters.

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