Song Stuck In My Head: I Have Checked My Caller ID

Monday, May 4, 2009

"It's Not Right, But It's Okay" - Whitney Houston (1998)

Blame it on the time I spent YouTubing Divas Live clips or the fact I spent Saturday with my divas and I feel all femmy...but this song got lodged in my brain somehow. This hit track is obviously about how lousy men can I apologize to all my male readers for this post, Whitney Houston is making you pack your bags and leave town for a week...and she's taking care of the babies. Back in the late 90's, women got real snarky with men, we had "No Scrubs", "Bills Bills Bills" and this little bouncer right here. No wonder those Judd Apatow "I.Am.MAN" movies keep getting made, it's to make up for all the bitchin' and moanin' women did before the millennium began. Back in 1998, Whitney made a mini-comeback of sorts with My Love Is Your Love, as she hadn't released a full album since 1990's I'm Your Baby Tonight and she came back strong when she did this independent woman's anthem. Produced by the grand Rodney Jerkins, the song features his signature skittish hip-hop beats and Whitney sassing it up with lyrics of new 90's technologies like "Caller ID". I remember hearing that lyric and thinking, "wow, this song is advanced". So ladies, get your necks a-swiveling and your fingers wagging...and men, just sit and let Whitney tell it like it is at the moment. *wink*

To switch things up, Whitney at Divas Live 1999...she acting a little "under the influence" here, and I never noticed that before, talk about foreshadowing...she's working that red leather suit...her hand gestures and that scowl she has on her face are fierce

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