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Friday, May 22, 2009

"What Have I Done To Deserve This?"-Pet Shop Boys and Dusty Springfield (1987)

Everything is comin' up dusty. Dusty Springfield that is! Though I should be, I'm just not an avid Pet Shop Boys fan (I know slay me). Yet, there are a handful of singles that I particularly enjoy from the British electro-pop duo. 1986's "West End Girls" is always a popular favorite and one of the decades best, but I tend to gravitate to this song more so. Probably because it has Miss Springfield on it, but it's quite lovely how Dusty and PSB vocalist, Neil Tennant's voices blend so naturally together on this, not to mention it's got a great synth and percussion backdrop that grooves on. There is much more to this song than just its chugging soulful beat though, as the track single-handedly brought Dusty Springfield back in the spotlight, after she had been in obscurity for about several years at the time. The song, off of the duo's Actually album, reached the #2 spot back in 1987 and solidified a working musical partnership between PSB and Dusty, as later down the road the Boys produced some tracks on Dusty's 1990 comeback record, Reputation. Now this is a song that I don't mind having looping over and over in my head.

Does Neil Tennant ever smile? He always looks so serious...Dusty looks like a Golden Girl in this, but aside from that, she is once again rocking it, can't deny that stellar voice...

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  1. I remember seeing this video shown recently on a documentary here in the UK on the BBC, they were going through talent in the UK amongst British females. The programme included Kate Bush, Dusty Springfield, Sandy Shaw, amongst many others.

    Dusty was and still is a legend.


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