Spin Me Right 'Round: Rahsaan Vibes On 'After Hours'

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sometimes its hard for me to imagine that Rahsaan Patterson used to be The Kid on the TV show, Kids Incorporated back in the day. But you grow up and you get right, and Rahsaan obviously has done that. Since his 1997 self-titled debut, the Bronx native has been showing us the musical meaning of "grown n' sexy". As he has literally picked up where Prince left off in the 80's (think if "Adore" was extended into an album) and also has taken a page out of Stevie Wonder's 'talking book', Rahsaan added his own flavor to the old-school soul pot and has carved a stylish career out for himself. In 2004, Rahsaan dropped his third record, After Hours, and sealed his position atop the neo-soul totem pole. With the helping producing hand of soul man Van Hunt, After Hours perfectly fits into the mood of a easy-going summer night. Relaxing and stylish to the bone, Rahsaan's third entry is effortlessly accomplished as elements of classic funk are updated for the 21st century on a bulk of the tracks. Such is the case for "So Hot", which is a swirling early 80's funk n' horns triumph that doesn't seem overtly glossy, it's in a word: perfect. The slinky, "Burnin'" wraps you in silky charm while "You Make Life So Good" rides on a lovely warm vibe. The stunning closer "April's Kiss" has a great jazz back beat that richly glows with honesty. It's obvious to the ears, that Rahsaan's vocals drive this record into excellence, but with the addition of diverse production and poignant lyrical content, you'll be in good company with After Hours.

Rating: 9.5/10

1 comment:

  1. This man is amazing, he always brings the goods, even his collaborative album as part of SugaRush Beat Company is HOT.


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