Take 5 Friday: Spinning Around The May Pole

Friday, May 1, 2009

1. My Little Diva Loving Heart Is Singing!: Break out the glitter dust, feather boas and high-heeled shoes, Divas Live is returning! VH1's live spectacle celebrating fierce women (and a equally fierce Elton John) in music is returning as the network announced last week that the concert special is to air live on September 17 from the Howard Gillman Opera House in Brooklyn. Wait a darn pickin' minute...on September 17th? Uh...that's my birthday! That is just too perfect right? So who's to grace the stage? VH1 hasn't disclosed what divas will be strutting their stuff this year but to be fair they are asking fans to vote on divas they would like to see. As far as newbies (those who haven't been on previous specials) goes...The Audio Diva picks Annie Lennox, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson (naturally), Christina Aguilera, Natalie Cole and Jill Scott to be on board for the 2009 show. As a reminder of what kind of screaming greatness can happen: Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin doing a rousing performance of "Chain Of Fools" at Divas '99. Dig on Mariah's hair.

2. Sia's Delicate Approach: As found on Hard Candy Music. I love a cover of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" and this one hits the spot. Australian singer/songwriter, Sia puts her personal touch on Cyndi's 1984 classic at a recent live performance on the show, My Taratata. This version is so lush and delicate, perfect Sia style.

3. When Kelly Rowland Takes Over: Don't laugh at that statement. The former Destiny's Child vocalist (and blackballed solo artist) is ruling the pop roost right now with her impeccable tune with producer, David Guetta. The track, "When Love Takes Over", is practically one of the best pop/dance numbers you'll hear all week...maybe even all year. Now why can't Kelly Rowland climb the charts with this? And why can't she create an album of this accord? This obviously won't get played on Ghetto 106 & Park, but Kelly should take a hint at the positive responses in the pop market. She could so craft herself to be the next Shannon...well, it's just a muse. Get convinced of my theory by checking out the song here.

4. Maxwell Mania: This week has clearly been the best week ever for Maxwell fans whom have been waiting for what seemed like dragging decades for the man to release a new album. Well, the man has come out of hibernation and is indeed coming out with his fourth album, Black Summer's Night this year. This week, there was nothing but an overhaul of promo surrounding the project. From the release of the tracklisting to a press listening party, and then the premiere of the video for single, "Pretty Wings", it has been a week of breathing into paper bags for hyper ventilation. So if this blog is looking like Maxwell's official stan site, just get ready, because the voltage of standom will increase as the due date for Max's new project inches closer. True fax.

5. No Doubt Spin Their 'Spiderwebs': While I was getting my beauty rest this morning, No Doubt performed on Today and it was their first live performance together in five years. They of course didn't disappoint as they jammed through hits, "Don't Speak" and "Spiderwebs" for an entergetic crowd. Hats off to Gwen Stefani for bringing back 90's memories by donning that knotted hairstyle from the Tragic Kingdom days. It was a nice touch.

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  1. I saw the No Doubt performance too. It definitely took me back, the hair and the music. I kinda wish we'd gotten tickets to see them and Paramore but I am so broke it's ridiculous. Anyway, love ya!


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