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Friday, May 1, 2009

A look-see at what's going on in other parts of the music blog-o-sphere!
  • Holy heels! Hop on over to Pop Muse to see Prince on Tavis Smiley as he talks about his bouts with epilepsy and gets all (kooky) Confucius on us by claiming the music industry is "evil"...oh, Prince you never disappoint
  • Melismatic gives the scoop on The Sugababes and their plans to crossover into the US market with Jay-Z and producer RedOne at their sides
  • Get excited about the mighty soulful, Mayer Hawthorne by heading over to Beatlife
  • No 'milkshakes' coming to their yard as hip-hop diamond couple, Nas and Kelis have filed for divorce as Vibe reports. Damn, something BAD must've happened as she is seven months preggy
  • Songs In The Key Of Life once again takes on another great concert experience, this time its with the Godfather of UK Soul, Omar
  • Swanky. Mariah Daily reports that Mariah Carey has brought a new house...and that Nick Cannon just moved all his crap in and received a meal ticket. Is it too bold to ask for a new Cribs episode from Mama Lamb?
  • Nu-Soul Mag has a heart to heart with the 'bravebird', Amel Larrieux
  • The Queen is back...Queen Latifah that is! The raptress is trying on her R&B/Pop shoes as she drops a new track called, "Chains". Head over to Pinboard to take a listen of the tune
  • The best thing Justin Timberlake has produced in awhile...his own alcohol which is described as "rich" tequila that contains "vanilla notes", Idolator gives all the goods

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