All The Way Live: The Gold Sparkles

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A girl with her mouth wide open and gold spewing out like the river wild, captivated my attention last year. The visual I'm describing is the cover art for Santigold's 2007 debut effort, which clearly spoke a thousand words. The picture was clue enough into what the album was to contain. Something was to be little off-kilter, a little vain and mostly, it was going to be something out of this stratosphere. Most of the hype surrounding Santigold, has been confirmed with her growing fanbase and celebrated by those who were looking for something wildly different. For me, she just kind of came out of nowhere with a eclectic rowdy sound that blended elements of hip-hop, pop, trip-hop and rock. While she has been compared to her best bud, M.I.A, Santigold has truly been of her own accord. On last Thursday, I got to experience Santigold at Dallas's House Of Blues, with BFF Lindsay. Both of us are pretty big followers of Miss Santi since the first bubblings about her, so this was something we had been waiting to see.

As this was quite a brief show for Sanigold only has one album of material to cover, she made the most of it, by churning out sizzling numbers of a bulk of her debutal tracks. Dressed in a emerald satin jacket and gold jumper, Santigold emerged on the stage giving a slow intro to song, "I'll Find A Way". About mid-way through the song, she churned it up and then went straight in her hit, "L.E.S. Artistes" followed by the summery sway of "Lights Out". Santigold's infamous Ray-Ban and gold lame jacket adorned back-up singers stood like erect soldiers one second and then did Running Man-esque dances periodically throughout the set. "Unstoppable" had the crowd go wild and singing along, while the urgency of tracks "Shove It" and "Say Aha" could barely keep you seated. Santigold managed to whip out her version of an obscure The Cure track ("Killing An Arab") on an unsuspecting public, and while most had no clue what she was singing, nobody really cared, being entertained was all that mattered. Santigold's vibe on stage was relaxed and determined, as she dove into each song and . The singer also didn't forget her audience, as she would periodically talk to us and tell us the usual "I love you" spill but sincerity rested there. Nearer to the end of the showcase, Santigold brought fans from the audience on stage to dance along with "Creator" and fun was had by all. In reference to her debut album cover art, Santigold mentioned that "Everything out of my mouth is pure gold!"...well, that night she proved that point loud and clear.

Audio Diva Notes:
  • Where are the damn pictures you ask? I'm in the process of divorcing my's old and it sucks, as it malfunctioned that night. I know, I fail. Hope my words did it justice and hopefully, the next show I go to, I'll have a better camera.
  • While Santi was great, the audience gets an "F" for failure. Most of the people there wanted to be seen, not take in a musical performance. Ugh. So Dallas, you showed your snotty, self-absorbed colors, congrats.
  • In addition to the rude crowd, I also got my shoes wet and my dancing groove messed up by this impatient and silly broad, who thought it was a bright idea to barge in-between me and Lindsay while we were dancing up a storm, which caused her to drop her drink on us. Note: When you see two people dancing and their arms are failing about, go the funkle AROUND.
  • Opening act, Amanda Blank is on my radar (you'll read more about her later). She came out in this cape thingy, pranced around like she was doing interpretative dances on the stage, and spit out her rhymes like she was on Ritalin. This girl is going somewhere.
  • Opening act (and Santigold's main squeeze), Trouble Andrew brought out props and a guy in a skeleton mask for his set...thus you know he's awful. And truly he was.
  • Bought a vinyl of Santigold's debut...30 years from now it'll be a collector's item, as we must remember this was before the name change. Oooo, yay!


  1. Just saw Santigold at the Hollywood Bowl this past Sunday. She absolutely killed it! Amazing show that had the 15,000 crowd dancing in the aisles!

  2. Hear hear! (or is that here here? who cares!)

    Thanks for putting another artist on my radar, will look out for this one from now on! This blog is SO better than any of the mainstream blogs out there. I love how it focuses on talent and not bullshit like Britney or whatever with the crazy bloggers all like ''omg omg omg a new song lyk lolz omg amazing''

    Sounds like you had a great time, you cannot beat a live music experience. I live for live music!!

    I'm going to Beverley Knight's album Launch in London in September and I'm so looking forward to it!

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