Artist Watch: Elouise Me Please

Friday, June 12, 2009

Amy Winehouse is still erratic. Adele is chilling out for now. Duffy has slipped away....So this must be the perfect time for Elouise to make her grand entrance. Another UK soul-pop chanteuse is making the rounds, and before you roll your eyes and go "Not another one!", you extroverted music souls might dig her, as she has a sound that's a bit more geared for happy-sing-a-longs and jumping around the house. Elouise is like a one-woman 60's girl group. Think The Ronettes, think The Shangri-Las, think The Supremes...get the picture? Elouise's MySpace is a goldmine of tunes. There are nuggets galore of unscrupulous fun tracks that are summer party ready. No joke. This is a nostalgic blast back to 50's/60's pop. "Since You've Been Gone" (not a Kelly Clarkson cover) is perky as hell, and "Be A Man About It" is some saucy soul. The creme de la creme for me is, "Miracle Man" which is some bold soda jerk doo-wop. If this isn't catchy, I don't know what is. At the moment, Elouise has just been touring the London area, promting her pop sound, but we might be hearing more about her in the near future. Pop patriarchs will no doubt gobble this up as it is delish sugar for the ears. So if you need a little pick me up, Elouise is the ticket to happiness.


  1. Oh my days, how good is she!!

    This is defnitely my kinda music, something quirky, she has a little something different to Amy, Adele and Duffy as well, so it's something appealing.

    Thanks for the heads up on this artist, Jennifer. I like her song 'Since You've Been Gone' on Myspace.

  2. Hey Jen, I gotta hand it to ya matey! Well done for pulling another corker out of the bag, she's quite alright actually. I love your style of blogging, the quirkyness, that fact that you're not just another typical blogger who posts anything and everything without having any sort of input other than ''download now'' but most of all I love the way you're not the typical 'nothing exists outside of America' style blogger. You know the ones, 'if it ain't a yankee then it must be cranky'. Just waiting for you to catch on to Dina Caroll now, one of Britains finest soul voices from the 90s akin to that of Dionne Warwick.

    For a live performance, you absolutely MUST watch this

    and for a general track I'd say you must listen to ''Don't Be A Stranger''

  3. Woosh, she's great find isn't she? I'm anticipating more things from her, and "Since You've Been Gone" should be on radio this instant!

    Wow, thank you Anon, that compliment made me glow! I will add Dina Caroll to my roster of "artists to look up" and hopefully I can have an update on the blog! Thanks again for the kind words!


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