Artist Watch: With A Rebel Yell

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dapper, debonair and diverse. That seems to be the mantra that group, ReBel Yell, are displaying as they conquer the soul domain this year. The Philly based group have been making the blog rounds recently, as they are being touted by a big name in the nu-soul movement. Producer, songwriter and The Roots keyboardist, James Poyser is the man behind this project who claim their music is for "misfits". Or really, music that is fit for those R&B and soul purists who like a little twist now and again. ReBel Yell have based their sound on a blend of slick 80's tones, Beatles-esque homages and well, stuff that's really got me at a lost for descriptors. It's truly something that you have to listen to as it is eclectic to the max. So if you like your yogurt shaken, this ReBel Yell are right up your alley. A listen to the first single, "Army of Misfits" is melodic as it contains the elements of 60's psychedelic mixed with punchy synths. A bizarre, yet unique sound, but one thing is evident, lead vocalist, SupaStar has a instrument that is honey smooth and oh so soulful. One voice to watch out for. Recently, a cover of Wham!'s 1984 hit, "Everything She Wants" has gotten the ReBel Yell treatment, and it stays tried and true to the original, but with a lil' something extra, very very very good. So mark the calendar, ReBel Yell's debut, Love & War (that seems to be a popular title these days...i.e. Amerie, Daniel Merriweather...) will be dropping in stores, August 7th, and will be released on the Rapster label.

Everything She Wants (Wham! Cover)

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