Audio Vision: Ne-Yo, The Beacon Of Hope...Gulp

Monday, June 29, 2009

The 2009 BET Awards were nothing short of a disappointment as the ceremony, which was hyped up to be a glowing tribute to the late Michael Jackson, failed to rise to the occasion. What occurred were a lot of questionable performances that looked hastily put together, long winded speeches, serious ego tripping and little wiggle room to give tribute to The Gloved One. In short, we, the viewers, were duped by BET's brilliant PR and programming staff, whom made sure that everyone tuned it, and stayed glued to the set, by hyping up the tribute, and putting off on the main course (Maxwell) till the wee end and then squeezing in a tearful Janet Jackson right after a cringing Lil' Wayne and Drake showcase. Yes, what we got was tacky and disorganization. Too many bosses and not enough co-workers. True, the King of Pop's passing wasn't expected, as there were rumors about alot of the night's performers changing their sets to match with the sudden mourning, but it seemed that since these artists are claiming to be such professionals, they would at least have some sort of professionalism to put together something that would be memorable. Thus, we saw something that seemed haphazard as there were too many focuses that night. In addition to the Michael "tribute", there was also the originally scheduled O'Jays homage and then out of nowhere, a New Jack Swing tribute took place when Keith Sweat hobbled and warbled on stage followed by Guy and Bel Biv Devoe. There was so much hasty pudding being thrown about, Lord only knows what the original show was supposed to be. Out of the burning ashes of the show there was a glimmer of hope...and it came from Ne-Yo. Shocked? So am I. Most who know me, know how I harp on Ne-Yo for being the best damn Michael Jackson impersonator to grace the music industry, but last night, he made me completely forget how much dislike I have for him, and actually made me stand up and applause. Dressed like he stepped off the Starship Enterprise, and hat removed (!!), Ne-Yo delved into a touching, and on-point rendition of Michael's classic, "The Lady In My Life", and it was truly the only genuine tribute that night. Now if this had been the attitude of everyone else that would've been a wondrous spectacle, but alas only one soul remembered Michael the non-selfish way.


  1. You summed up my feelings exactly as far as the BET awards were concerned.

  2. I love Ne-Yo but I can tell this his apperication for Micheal runs deep like the rest of us. I think you are right on about the orgnization everything just seemed all over the place like the 2006 VMA's or MTV in general. BET has done better and I expect better from them.


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