Sunday, June 7, 2009

An adventure of changes await thee loyal Adventurers! First off, the blog will be down, yet again....yes, I fail. But this is due to some personal changes. Next week, I'm taking a big step and moving into a new (and completely roommate free) apartment! So that means my Internet services will be limited. My Internet provider has "promised" that they will have the Net set up in my new place this coming Monday...but I'm not holding my breath. So with that, just be aware that for the beginning part of this week, I will be gone.

BUT, here's where those changes come in during this brief pause. This blog is getting a mini-makeover, in more ways than one. There will be a couple of new columns and a few tweaks to the regular columns. But the big enchilada is that there will also be a layout change. I know you're probably bored to pieces with the orange layout (as am I) and I've been playing around with some layouts, and found one that is just as bright and fun as the orange one. If all goes well with my Internet access, the layout is to be premiered next week. If not, the week after. Hopefully, Blogger will work with me with the template cause sometimes Blogger can PMS a bit.

So I'm sorry for abandoning the music blogging for a brief moment, but I promise that I will return with some new things that are sure to be worth the wait! See ya in about two to four days!

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