Cover Smother: Three Faces Of Mariah

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hmm...Mariah Carey showing her three ~emotions~ on the cover for her highly anticipated album, Memoirs of a Imperfect Angel. Lots of Adobe work going on here...and lots of familiar looking poses. Yes, I'm quite critical today...


  1. LOL the shadows behind her make me laugh. Look at the size of those knockers!! Is it just me or does the middle shadow not really align with the pose? In the pic the hair sits on her boob but in the shadow the boob is as smooth as and also in the pic, look at the hair/armpit, its seemless but on the shadow you can clearly see bush between her boob and armpit.

    The photoshopping on the body shape looks absolutely ridiculous though. Middle pic, left arm doesnt look natural at all. Far right pic, right arm looks deformed. She clearly has hair above her right arm (facing) in the far right pic but the shadow is no hair at all. Either the shadow or the hair has been photoshopped in. I think it's both, the arm looks deformed, the hair doesn't look like it's really going between her arm and the shadow misfits too...

    This idea of perfection must her look like coco the fucking clown

  2. *makes her look

  3. Is it me or does this photo look alot simular to Amerie's Because I Love It album

  4. according to mariah the 3 images are supposed to reflect the different emotions in the music on this album... To me, all 3 pictures scream ''CHEESY SMILE FOR THE CAMERA''

    I cn't distinguish the 3 pictures as being 3 different emotions, just a generic Mariah 'smile pose'

  5. Okay...I'm still critical today, that middle pose is the worst. And what is up with using the font from the 'Charmbracelet' years? Mimi, baby, you can do better...


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