First Impressions: Boots Stomps To Her Own Beat

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hype. Little Boots has had loads of it since she emerged from obscure waters last year strapped with her keyboard and pop smarts. While Boots (real alias, Victoria Hesketh) isn't the first youngblood musician to have driven the listening public into a notion that she could reach the echelons of pop music, Miss Boots is one of few who actually lives up to all the hoopla. Hoopla that has been riding on scatterings of a gaggle of raw compositions over the course of a year and by the blabber of music journalists everywhere. Yet, while Boots' output prior to her debut release was a little wobbly, the material was so alluring, it was hard not to co-sign the papers and jump aboard the Boots Express. "Stuck On Repeat" was the first inkling to display that the UK keyboardist wasn't just a fly by nightlife kind of performer, as the song scarily lived up to its name. The pulsating hypnotic trance resembled a seedier, more modern version of Donna Summer's disco 1977 classic, "I Feel Love"and managed to draw in admirers looking for pop without all the gimmicks and image enhancements. With "Repeat", Boots was already stepping in the right direction. On the long-awaited debut, aptly titled, Hands, Boots has ushered in the future of what spooky synth pop is to become. She lets all the tricks out from her sleeve and unleashes a stream of tracks that are fed on a high-sodium diet of 80's New Wave and lead heavy techno. "New In Town" gloriously opens with its slip n' slide keyboards and it segues into the funk fest known as "Earthquake". Though the tip-toe funk of "Mathematics" and "Meddle" with it's hip-hop elements are year-old tunes, the shelf-life is still pretty fresh. The well-known elements of electro-pop gone by meld well with all the unsullied units that Boots has created through her keys. Songs like "Click" and the frosty atmosphere of "Hearts Collide", tend to enhance on past techniques. Little Boots clearly knows her stuff, as Hands, is a consistent romp into synth heaven. It crackles, pops and sizzles, without being over zealous or pretentious, elements that tend to plague some pop albums. Dare it be one of the best albums to be released this year? From the sound of things, Hands will have no trouble being atop many 'Best of' list by years end.

Release Date: June 9, 2009

No Brakes

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