First Impressions: It Takes Two, Baby

Monday, June 1, 2009

A few duets have been making the rounds as of late, but on first listen do they hit the all right notes or fall flat?

Brandy and Ne-Yo Make a 'Decision'
While Brandy's 2008 quasi-comeback, Human, left little to be desired, the R&B vocalist continues to be the trooper as she has plans to release a sixth studio album in the near future. At the moment, Brandy is keeping busy in the studio, laying down tracks with the likes of producers such as, Tricky Stewart and Ne-Yo. One song that has emerged from those sessions is the mid-tempo steamer, "Decisions". It's really a no brainer that the vocal collaboration between Brandy and Ne-Yo works, which foreshadows a future chart success. While it is a nice joint, I'm not that jazzed on it's recycled feel, as the beat sounds like the long-lost sister of Ciara's "Promise". Hmm...

Mutya Buena and Ultra Are 'Fallin'
It's been awhile since we've heard from the gravel soul voice of Mutya Buena, but it's quite nice to hear that the ex-Sugababe is still around and singing on fresh tracks. Take a gander at her recent collaboration with fellow British singer, Ultra. This skittish piano stomper is energetic enough to be on the soundtrack for a summer throwdown, and it's simple enough to not be considered over the top pop. It isn't as spectacular as one would hope, but it's got a lot of spunk.

Midway State and Lady GaGa 'Don't Give Up'
Still not over being smothered by covers? Well, good! I always love a decent cover track that can do justice to the original, and this one pretty much hits the mark. A little less of the silent lullaby that was Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush's 1986 original, but "Don't Give Up" done by Canadian piano rock band, The Midway State and Lady GaGa, is quite divine. The Lady and Midway's lead singer, Nathan Ferraro's vocals blend great together and bring to mind warm and familiar feelings.

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