First Impressions: JoJo Resurfaces With '25 To Life'

Saturday, June 13, 2009

JoJo hasn't been a happy camper these past few weeks. She is disgruntled with her record label, Blackground Records ,and most recently had to announce that some recently leaked demos weren't exactly "ready". The 18-year-old vocalist, has been quietly prepping her third album, All I Want Is Everything, and finally a new legit track has gotten a leak. "25 To Life" is its name and catchy is its game. The song was originally performed by former Floetry member Marsha Ambrosius, and this time 'round its groomed to be much more radio friendly and fits in with JoJo's musical niche. The track is insanely infectious with crazy good tempo changes that transform the song from a mid-tempo R&B jam (which oddly sounds like the Ashanti and Robin Thicke duet, "Things You Make Me Do") into a pop up-tempo. I like this, I do, I do-hoo. No word on if this is the first single choice for the upcoming project, but whatever the case, "25 To Life" sounds like a real winner for JoJo to get back on the charts.

25 To Life


  1. Thanks for the news on JoJo. I'd been wondering what she was up to. I really hope she can get things straight with her label over at Blackground because she's a real talent and definitely deserves her place in the spotlight. Hopefully, we will be hearing and seeing more of Miss JoJo soon!

  2. I've loved everything JoJo's done since her first album back in 04 ("25 to Life," will probably grow on me) I'm saddened that her record label messing around with this album--doesn't really seem fair on her part.

    Oooh! and I LOVE your blog, it's brilliant!

  3. Same here guys! I hope that JoJo gets things right with her label, because she's one of those talent ones. I kind of missed her, so hopefully, she come back with a bang with this new album.

    And thank you, J. Mensah :)

  4. I love Jojo too. Both her albums have been dope. She is only going to get better as she grows as a person and as an artist.


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