Freebie Adventures: New Jack N' Jills

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back in the mid-to-late 80's, a musical force took over the R&B market, and it was dubbed, New Jack Swing. Mixing the elements of hip-hop, funk, soul and jazz into one entity, New Jack Swing, is a musical movement that dominated the R&B market from about 1986 to 1994. Under the guidance of producers such as Teddy Riley, Babyface and L.A. Reid, a large amount of artists emerged during this time. Some were solely formed to drive the genre and others were R&B/Pop royalty who jumped on the bandwagon. Still, New Jack gave us some classic artists and tunes to make the genre a crossover smash. For this first installment we are going to rock steady to the likes of familiar names such as Al B. Sure!, Guy, Karyn White, Johnny Gill, and yes, even a Babyface-driven, Sheena Easton.There are a couple of obscurities on this as names like Anne G. and Kopper don't ring bells, as they were only on the scene for a blip second, but trust me, you'll be surprised at some of the New Jack gems that got lost and wedged in the cracks. So let's get to begging like Keith Sweat and revel in some of that monster synth and drum machine sound.
Let the fade be with you.

1. Feels Good-Tony! Toni! Tone!
2. Rock Steady-The Whispers
3. Groove Me-Guy
4. Right and Hype-Abstrac
5. Every Little Step-Bobby Brown
6. On The Strength-Flame ft. Tony Terry
7. The Lover In Me-Sheena Easton
8. Night N' Day-Al B. Sure!
9. Secret Rendezvous-Karyn White
10. My Kinda Girl-Babyface
11. Just Got Paid-Johnny Kemp
12. Heart Donor-Anne G.
13. Turned Away-Chuckii Booker
14. Romance-Desiree Coleman
15. Make It Last Forever-Keith Sweat ft. Jacki McGee
16. Hurricane-Kopper
17. Could It Be Love (Is It Real)-RJ's Latest Arrival
18. Don't Blow A Good Thing-Vesta Williams
19. My, My, My-Johnny Gill
20. Don't Wanna Fall In Love (New Jack Swing Club)-Jane Child

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