The Gospel: Mary, Mary, Why U Buggin'?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hmm...Mary J. Blige's Princess points are close to being stripped of To Wong Foo style with the resurfacing of a new track called, "Stronger", which has her collaborating with the alleged Rihanna abuser, Chris Brown. While this issue seems a little...well, trite, Jezebel brought up a great point today to make me rethink things. The question was: Why is Mary J. Blige collaborating with Chris Brown, on a track, when we all know that Mary J. Blige has suffered from physical and emotional abuse herself in the past? It really is a great question, which leads into my other inquiry: "Is a musician's personal vices ignored in the light of selling records and being an talented artist?" Well, duh. If we can back track for a moment, Mary has discussed the abuse that she viewed in her household growing up, and later she would become victim when she was involved in a volatile relationship with Jodeci's K-Ci Hailey. Mary went as far to describe their relationship as "The Ike and Tina of the 90's." So why work with Chris Brown, who we all know is being charged with domestic abuse? "Selling of records" come to mind, but I'm thinking that someone forgot to turn their ethical cap on. Still this isn't the first time that this has happened, as we also know that some domestic violence cases get a blind eye, especially if you bask in the glow of celebdom. We could spend all day naming abusive celebrities, but by the end of the day, we don't think about it because we look at the person's body of work, rather than what they do behind closed doors. Still for someone, like Mary, who has always been vocal about abuse, it's sounds like she's doing the track just because she needs it to hype up the release of her upcoming new album (which was confirmed to drop in November of this year). There are many holes in this tale, as "Stronger" mildly features Brown's vocals, but he is a major writer of the track. The track was also written before the whole Rihanna business and was a song opportunity meant for the former couple. So this now sounds like Mary got some leftovers and has probably no idea what she just stepped into. On the other lighter hand, this is just a rough cut with no confirmation if it will actually appear on the new album, plus the song promotes strong and positive relationships, so maybe it's not all shady as it seems. Still my moral compass is pointing the direction of "do the right thing", hence why I'm not so keen as to embrace this, if this track becomes official. So if Mary is receiving this kind of backlash, she should drop the song like a bag of hot coals and rethink her musical selections and who she works with in light of her personal beliefs.


  1. brilliant post title! lol
    this collaboration disappoints me.

  2. LOL, it was the first thing that popped in my head. Incidentally, Jezebel captioned their post the same thing. I swear, coincidence!

    It is disappointing because if it does get released, guess who's getting the royalties? Chris Brown. All because he wrote the song. Shame. First that auto-tune mess, and now this...what is Mary's problem with this new album??

    Feeling so much rage.

  3. This song has been recorded by Chris and another woman too. I'm thinking (hoping) that Mary dropped the project and he recorded it with someone else? Or maybe it's an old demo.. who knows but yea I agree.. If the cynic inside you is correct, then this is the very definition of SELL OUT

  4. One hopes this song pre-dates his Rihanna assault. Oy.


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