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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wowie! Well, I'm back in the saddle again, my Adventurers and I'm ready to break in this new layout with mucho more music musings! So how do you like the layout? It's very um...vibrant! I wanted something a little bright to spice up the blog a bit for the summer. Plus, I figured since I have a new apartment, a new haircut, new classes, that I might as well treat the blog to a new layout and new columns as well. I'm tweaking a few things here n' there on the blog layout, so if things look a little wonky for the first couple of days, it's just some housekeeping...which is what I need to do to my own apartment, which looks like a tornado ripped through it...So without further babble, always keep it tuned to Adventures of an Audio Diva for a music fix of a different mix!


  1. Liking the new look, although I thought i may need a pair of shades ;) lol

  2. Love the new look! glad you're back

  3. i like the new look
    its fresh
    but OMG JENN you`re killin` me here
    i neeeed those mariah carey remixes back in my life amorr
    it would make my summer if you put `em back up [8

  4. The new look is HOT! Great to have you back.

  5. LOVE the new layout! it's rawks!



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