Let's Go Crazy! 'Purple Rain' Celebrates 25 Years

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Purple Rain, the movie and the soundtrack that made Prince a bulldozing music and culture machine. As the 1984 movie is a tad over the top with a plot line that reads more like a soap opera than serious cinema, the reason for its embrace is how much it influenced fashion and music thereafter. Purple Rain was a rock opera that didn't feel like one, it felt almost like an embellished Prince concert, just with a front row ticket and a backstage pass. As the art of this type of film becomes extinct, its pretty clear that Prince owns all in the crevasse of music-geared movies. We've seen the imitators but nothing can compare to the dazzling sheen and shimmer of Prince's musical opus. Purple Rain, is clearly, "A Day In The Life of Prince" as he portrays "The Kid", a guy with a band with one goal on his mind, to be a star. There are some speed bumps along the way such as family drama, a competing rival in Morris Day and the drive to win Apollonia's heart, but The Kid manages to find his way. In reality, this movie made Prince an even bigger entity than before and a true musical force to be reckoned with. Yes, this is where the music comes in, as it grabs the steering wheel of the movie and drives it speeding down a rain-slick freeway. Prince has many classic albums under his belt, but in honesty, this is THE ultimate Prince record. It features his biggest, and best known hits, and its got that classic Minneapolis sound that Prince has so perfectly crafted. There is no major/minor divide here as everything that resides on it was a monster jam and could be considered single fare. As the black wax turns, we hear the rip-roaring rock sounds of "Let's Go Crazy", the seductive come-on of "Darlin' Nikki" and the pulsating synth pound of "I Would Die 4 U". Yet, the title track is the beast of all rock ballads, with its searing guitar solo that only Prince could concoct. While there is more to the Purple Rain soundtrack (as there are "analysts" who cry like doves about its religious messages) than meets the ear, but it is simply put, a damn good record and one of music's greatest releases. Now, today, the movie and the music are celebrating 25 years of high-adrenaline funk/rock fun, and we should take time to wipe the dust off the vinyl and get a little crazy, Prince would implore you to do so.


  1. YAY! I shall watch my 20th anniversary DVD set today like the crazy Prince stan I am and always was!Love the blog btw...


  2. Dang - 25 years! Wow...I didn't realize that! :)

  3. I love Purple Rain; as well as Prince's performance on Leno last week!!

    Oh & great blog!!

  4. Purple Rain is CLASSIC. Point, blank, period. Some of these artists today 'wish' they could make a record (and sometimes a movie ha ha) that is equally as good. Prince should be proud...with his short, purple self. LOL


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