Remember The Time: Dressin' Up In Love

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lucky stars and lace gloves, that's what Madonna was made of back in 1985. This is before the Kabbalah worship, the Jesus Luz worship...and well any other worship the Queen of Reinvention has latched onto in recent years. This is Madonna almost...uncontaminated. 1985 marked the year that Madonna embarked on her first tour, the appropriately titled, Virgin Tour. The show has since been released on VHS (you know tapes?) but a few videos (and even audio) of said recording, has wiggled its way onto the Net. "Dress You Up" was the opening number, and what an energetic opener it is. Personally, this was one of my favorite cuts off of Like A Virgin, as it is as pop tart as you can get, right down to the chirpy lines of, "satin sheets" and "your suits are custom made in London". Madonna prances, dances and works the crowd in this vid, and its quite a timepiece. The first 40 seconds are probably the best bit, as we get to see all the "material girl" fans dressed up like Madonna, blowing kisses and wearing enough necklaces to weigh a boat. To think, most of those girls in the vid may be soccer moms now...or worse, your own mom.


  1. Wow. I've not seen that before. I love seeing regular people in strange by gone clothes.

    And HELLO at Madonna's crazy jacket. I love Dress Me Up. Can't wait to see Madonna in a couple of weeks in London!

  2. I LOVE VINTAGE MADONNA!!!!!! Like that jackie and that hair you can't get any better than that. This perhaps is one of my favorite madonna songs because everything seemed so simple now. She wasn't so complicated and erriticated to the point where we forgot if she had talent or not. She was just being her. Alot of these other artist should sit back and take note.

  3. I have been on a vintage Madonna kick lately, and it truly amazes me how far she has come in her career. I just saw her VH1 "Driven" special on YouTube, and it was a great look into how she became THE Madonna. I highly recommend watching it, if you haven't seen it already! And Miss V, you are so right, this was when Madonna wasn't so complicated. I kind of like 80's Madonna more so, probably because most of the songs I like from her are from those first four albums.

    Talia, you are so lucky to see Madonna!! I've been wanting to see her live for sometime, but for some reason she doesn't come 'round my neck the woods. She must hate Texas...cause that's where we "golf", LOL. Let me know how the show was!


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